Tuesday, December 26, 2006


wArShINTuhn--Where to begin? In a strange sense, he's right. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: "winning" has been redefined in the American-lexicon, it has become meaningless. True, it never really meant anything but a pile of B.S., but nobody noticed when it really died. It died with the 2004 Presidential elections, when everyone in the GOP-camp thought they had somehow "won." We now know this was a faulty-perception. Does the GOP look like a group of winners today? Does the President? Perhaps if you're demented or over-medicated, then yes! But, when a national liberation movement is able to kidnap dozens of people in broad-daylight without getting-caught, the end is bum-rushing you. Losing is looming on your horizon.

George W. Bush knows he's screwed-himself into a corner he can't escape from. The whole-gambit in the Middle East was based on the classic "all-or-none" mentality of high-stakes Americana. They sincerely thought it would be easy, imagine that. Never mind that the British got tied-down there in the late-1930s and had to leave, a bunch of neophytes thought they could beat history again.Yes, the sports-analogies apply here, and they aren't pretty. I'd say it was how he played-the-game, but he loses there too. Yes, he sucked at it, not even a wing-player.

That President Cheney, he's a mother, and he's got to rein-in that VP of his. The comment, "We're not winning, and we're not losing," does betray a knowledge that winning has been redefined by its cautiousness, and by its abstract-quality. It could be a sign of things-to-come as George W. Bush goes into meltdown. This man is dangerous, and we have to get him out, away from the nuclear football. When 600 American historians state it's safe-to-say he's one of the worst, you can bet he is. Now that he can't do any more bait-and-switch with Rummy, its' clear whose war it was all-along: Dick Cheney's.

Harry Shearer's Take from Sunday's "Le Show" (coming next-week):

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