Saturday, December 09, 2006


Punk still sucks and has no cultural-relevance anymore, especially emo--just thought I'd remind everyone. Think-up something original that requires a modicum-of-talent and creativity. That girlfriend who makes you listen to it, ditch her. She sucks in bed anyway, and she has no-taste in music. Get a real woman who loves funk, techno, smokes-cigarettes, and even listens to some industrial and postpunk (no Goth, that's over too, and it's goofy), something new and avant-garde. Something different.

Even pop is better than punk (or are they the same now?). Just tag someone with an open-mind, maybe a stripper. She'll fuck you in-half, I guar-an-tee it. I know these things. Just NEVER allow a woman to dictate your tastes, it's pathetic. Over-is-over, and your understanding of culture and how it works is funny. Punk is still-dead, I You look silly, ya' got punk on your face, kid. You remind me of all the ass-rockers from the 80s who STILL dress like they did then, spandex-n'-all. They look pathetic. So do you, though some of the girls look cute punked-out. Kinda like dressing as a flapper (if it looks HOT, it's timeless, yes)...


  1. Goddammit, I'm a DOCTOR Jim, not an intergalactic-translator! SPOCK!!!

  2. Punk is like those little Medieval festivals--anachronism societies, they re-enact different periods. There are colonial-period ones, Civil War ones, even the Mexican-American war!

    I love this: Star Trek fans sometimes invade Medieval festivals in their Star Trek costumes, pretending they're in those episodes where Kirk and Spock are on another planet in an earlier-period of history like earth's (Nazi Germany, American Revolution, the Wild West, Ancient Rome, etc.).

    I think it's called 'parallell-development', like visiting a planet that was like the 19th Century on earth, or whatevah. Sorry, I digress...the trekkies usually have to run-away, people get very-angry over this. But, it's hilarious, very creative.

  3. I love the Ramones too. It's just silly to think you can bring all that back, that's all. If you love the Ramones, you should check-out the Stooges, the New York Dolls, GG Allin, the Dictators, Sex Pistols and the MC5, even some Blue Cheer! The Sonics were cool too, great 60s garage punk. It's cool to appreciate this stuff, but it's another to think it's not over.

    All we have are the recordings. When it was new, punk was fresh and original, but that was almost 30 years-ago. Still, wouldn't it be cool to have a Star Teck episode where Kirk and Spock enter CBGBs and get to see the Ramones? ;0) Spock would say: "Captain, I detect no intelligent life here whatsoever."

  4. well i don't wanna be intelligent ALL the time :p

  5. You sure are intelligent all the time, Boo! It's just about people who listen to nothing-but, eclecticism is good. You're always an intelligent lady, a gem.

  6. Very good, 'I don't wanna', part of every Ramones song, heeheehee! I just look-back at punk with nostalgia, but then, I think this is the 1700s. ;0)