Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Turkey-baster? She was in a John Waters movie once, right? I think it was Desperate Living (1977), she was 'Mole'. Feed the crazy bitch to the Religious wrong, she's earned it. Take the kid away, and give it to a decent lesbian-couple who won't raise the child as Ayn Rand, Roy Cohn, or J.Edgar Hoover would have--resulting in a child who would be self-loathing, like the mothers. Gay groups never disappoint-me, they're fucking-up (as is their wont) and defending her.

Aren't human-beings funny? They can't even agree on how to organize their parades most of the time. Identity politics reaches the limits of its own obvious internal-paradoxes...and crashes into that wall that was always there, waiting. I'm having a good-laugh over this one, you bet. She's a criminal, just wait gay folks, you defended a criminal. Fight the good fight, just learn what it actually is (yo, what-it-is). Like the feminists, you've stupidly-ignored the issue of class, another dumb-move for so-called 'progress.' Gay mafia indeed, the rich gays are making monkeys out of you (like everyone-else--see, we are all equal). Hilarity-ensues. Suck on that. Suffah.

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