Saturday, December 23, 2006


What happened to this incredible woman? She needs to do some more sessions with Sly & Robbie, grab Wally Badarou, and Nigel Rogers has to produce the sessions. I remember seeing her photo in a photo digest as a kid--she was naked, caged and oiled. Wow. Hot. Commanding. My kind of woman, no bullshitting-around, the real-deal. The new woman. A woman to admire, and a voice that kills. Her best work is available on the 2cd set: Private Life: The Compass Point Sessions, from 1998, a knockout collection of 12"s that are legendary.

The original sessions are from 1979-through-1981 and haven't aged a jot. Here, you have Sly & Robbie, the greatest rhythm-section reggae ever produced (and they did some of the best dub-sides too) with one of the greatest voices pop has had since Billie Holiday or the best of the Weimar-singers. You gotta check this material on the internet, it's possibly the best dance music ever written. It has class in an era where there is almost none. Grace, come back, we need you. Will a real chanteuse come-forward?


  1. i remember her in that movie with arnie. happy holidays to u & yours :)

  2. Conana II, she was badass, she hurt crewmembers with that stick. Happy holidays Boo to you and your crew!