Monday, December 25, 2006


Naples, Italy
/London, the United Kingdom--We know why:Scaramella is involved in numerous illegal-activities. This site is happy to be right about suspicions surrounding this shadowy man, and the arrest confirms that he's a man with a lot to hide (and not just regarding Mr. Litvinenko).

He has changed his story several times, though I think this blog could be one of the earliest to note it. It struck me as odd how easily he was going back-and-forth between the UK and Italy, so he was either being protected or allowed-to incriminate himself by Scotland Yard.

The Yard isn't claiming no-involvement in the Naples arrest of Scaramella, but are asserting there is no connection with the Litvinenko affair.

Whatever the case-may-be, he's definitely part of the global intelligence community contracting for someone--likely a double-agent with Italy's intelligence-community and the FSB (or other unknown elements). Don't be surprised if he suddenly dies in custody, as people like Mario Scaramella have a tendency to do this. Jack Ruby always claimed he was poisoned with radioactive-materials from his jail cell in Texas, and he died in-custody of cancer in 1967. Sit on that one for awhile. An exhumation of Rubenstein would probably reveal traces of some sort of radioactive-isotope, but one that had degraded for 40 years. Imagine the implications of that one.

Whatever the case, Scaramella's cover is blown. Ironically, Scotland Yard says that the arrest yesterday in Naples is "not connected to the Litvinenko case." There is a strong-possibility that the polonium-210 came from Italy, or was ferried-through the country. This would be yet-another violation of the sovereignty of a European state. Search this site for earlier-posts on Mr. Scaramella, he's a cagey man, and he's in a lot of trouble right-now. Even worse, he's also been contaminated with polonium-210.

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Postscript, 09.12.2008: Try doing an American google search on "Mario Scaramella." Good luck getting anything recent to come up. However, try,, and some others, and you'll find significantly more. Curious, that.


  1. The Secret world of Mario Scaramella - Nuclear Smuggling, Espionage and the Intelligence Community

  2. You're my hero, thanks. I'll check it out. I thought this guy was a spook.

  3. Yaw, I gotts that one in another link on the article, but thank you.