Saturday, December 02, 2006

A Few Reflections on Our Site Meter

I encourage you all to take a looky at the site meter. It's such a wonderful gaggle of different people from different-places and cultures. Perhaps, one-day, we can truly have a global society of love and understanding. The internet is a good-place to start! My favorites have to be the Germans: nearly 90% of them are google searches for the word 'boyfucker', when I always thought it was the Dutch and the GOP who were obsessed with pederasty. ;0) Another favorite was simply a person from Volgograd--once known as Stalingrad. The Russian people, and all the ethnic-groups within the Russian Empire, have my deepest-sympathy for all the suffering they have endured. It's time this was acknowledged, we already know about the Shoah. Japan: no-dice with these folks, they're usually just-passing-through, but I love their culture. The Fins are intersting, they sometimes stop and read for a long-time, and it's appreciated. The Brits, too. Best-wishes to all, especially Singapore and Canada. Expect some exciting-additions to the blog, they're coming very-soon.


  1. they've gotcha pegged (",) flee to singabore then

  2. I could drive a taxi! ;0) Not one with a motor, hehehe. Yeah, there are a few that sure could be the NSA or the CIA, DIA, FBI, or the other 20-odd intelligence agencies we don't need in America. They'd come for me, Boo! Eek! I might just come to Singapore yet, you never know in these times. I talk like Tom Waits.