Monday, December 18, 2006


WARSHINTUHN--In a bold-move, the White House admitted today that First Lady Laura Bush had a malignant-tumor removed from her shin, according to the AP. The sex of the shin was not disclosed: "Explaining why the procedure was not disclosed until now, the first lady's press secretary Susan Whitson said, "This medical procedure was a private matter for Mrs. Bush, but when asked by the media today, we answered the question," states the article. So, I know Senator Johnson had his medical problem while speaking to journalists, but why not respect his privacy just a bit more? Hmmmm?

I think we all know why. It's a matter of political-capital, and Mrs. Bush doesn't amount to much. Vice President George W. Bush had lesions removed from his face in 2001--they'll be running-for-office in a few years. Madame Curie is smiling somewhere, right-now, but she's glowing. It was the Polonium, getcha every time. Now, you kids go and play nice (or not). Queries: why lie about this and hide it? Are they pathological-liars? Should we bother even asking? The tumor is reported to be well, and resting. I was worried for it.

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