Friday, December 08, 2006


WARSHINTUN--It seems the House Ethics committee reads the newspapers too. Obstruction of justice is a serious offense in America, and I foresee the GOP's slim-margin eroding further. Inevitable. Maybe they should have just had the victims wear an adult's dress-suit (too-big), and had them hold the committe hearings. They could lower their voices, it'd be a bourgeois-hoot. This is just the beginning, prepare to be entertained. Stock-up on the brewskies, chips, macrobiotic foods, etc. 2008 will be an uphill battle for the GOP and their counterparts in the Democratic Party. This is unprecedented, and could have been ended ten-years-ago. Instead, they covered-it-up to preserve their majority at the expense of children. Why not? They're murdering thousands in Iraq and elsewhere every day. We all knew this was being obstructed by GOP representatives like Arlen Specter and Dennis Hastert. More will fall.

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