Tuesday, December 05, 2006


OAXACA, MEXICO--The AP is reporting that Flavio Sosa, a symbolic leader of the Oaxacan uprising, has been arrested by members of Mexico's Federal Police Force. The wire story is rife-with-contradictions and falsely-attributes violence as a tactic of the Oaxacan protesters (the APPO). It is well-known by natives and observers in the state that the protesters are doing all the dying. Sosa has been accused of fire-bombings, and other acts leading to the destruction of property:

"Sosa ... is known for his use of violence, damaging private property and public byways, and also burning vehicles and buildings in Oaxaca City," federal prosecutors said.
Sosa was charged with kidnapping, robbery, causing damages and injuries and taken to a maximum security prison just west of Mexico City that holds some of the nation's most dangerous prisoners.

Yet, not-so-ironically, all these acts could be attributed to the Policia. As we all know, when one applies-pressure to an organism, it strikes-back. This all began as a peaceful movement, but more-and-more APPO members (and even unaffiliated-natives) are simply disappearing. APPO claims over 200 members taken in this one-raid, while the government states 170 have. Who will reemerge from the hellish-prisons surrounding Mexico City? The Leftist Democratic Revolutionary Party will likely intervene in this, and we can expect even more repression in-reaction.

The irony is that Sosa is not a leader of the movement, as it is more syndicalist in-nature. This is scary to authoritarian-regimes, as they don't entirely understand this kind of structure, or how exactly to combat it. Solidarity isn't something they're used to--or tit-for-tat. One can safely-assume Sosa was seized during the early-morning hours, a favorite destabilizing-tactic of shock forces.

None of this will likely have any effect on the resolve of APPO, and it wouldn't surprise this author if earlier-contacts between EZLN and other Leftist-elements come-to-fruition sooner, rather than later. If Sosa dies in a Mexican prison, it will be done to stimulate APPO towards a violent-reaction. So much for tourism in other people's misery. Expect action by Saturday, it's coming to Oaxaca. Ever notice how nobody in the media wants to seriously-confront all the obvious acts of police-brutality and murder there? I have. Everyone but the average American knows the Policia are irredeemably corrupt. Being a cop in Mexico is an entrepreneurial occupation.

Flavio Sosa Interview:

More on Sosa and the APPO (Some En Espanol):


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  2. A couple notes.

    This translation of the Flavio Sosa interview is from Chuck Morse, of the Negations blog.

    Also, Sosa is associated with the PRD. It is a "center left" party, that contended in the last presidential elections.

    Also, regarding how "authoritarian states" deal with formations like the APPO: I think they DO know how. Repression.

    Dec. 22 is a day of solidarity with the people of Oaxaca, and I'd encourage you to organize something locally if its not already in the works.