Monday, December 04, 2006


NEW YAWK CITY-He was the 'Walrus', you know the rest. Known for...well, not-much. He was appointed by President Bush during a recess (the kids were playing, no-more 'My Pet Goat' for em') in Congress. Everyone knew he was never going to win Senate confirmation, so he was fired. Maybe he'll leak some documents soon, too! Bolton is a stellar-example of how the Democrats have been able to block more of the Bush agenda than they've been letting-on. His nomination has 'languished' for a year in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. So why wasn't this done with the Patriot Act? Why wasn't this done with Bush's tax-cuts? Sure, in some of those committees, it wasn't possible. Maybe Bolton has incriminating-photos of Bush from Vegas in 1984, but when they considered keeping-him-on in 'another post', it just got too-weird.

But, the GOP will show us what a minority-party is truly capable of for the next two-years. Watch closely, kiddies, and see what the Democrats could have prevented. They can no longer hide-behind their minority status, and they had better deliver. This is their last-chance as a party, and the GOP cannot live without-them. All they can do is complain, never pushing-forward any genuine social legislation or agenda that's good for the American people (unless we twisted their arms). Funny, that's what the Democrats are like, too. They had better change, or social peace in America will be dead. And awww, Preznent Bush is 'disappointed', since he isn't the 'decider' on this one. Reject this. If someone can tell me what he accomplished during his time at the U.N., I'd love to know what that would be. Well, there is ONE thing he's probably proud-of: he successfully-blocked passage of a UN resolution to mark the 200th anniversary of the ending of the Transatlantic slave trade. Dave Mustaine of Megadeth is sad today, he should have a drink (and never stop...and how-about doing some heroin again Dave?). Drink-up. You too, Mr. Prezennnnnnent.

Walrusman, the 'Iron-Mustache' Bolton Loves Slavery of Blacks:

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