Wednesday, December 06, 2006


WARSHINGTON--They waited 9-months to tell us what we already-knew: Iraq is a quagmire created by the Bush administration and every sitting Democrat and Republican who voted to invade Iraq. The American people were already well-ahead of the pols, and voted-accordingly in November. Isn't it great they waited until after the elections here? This is because the worthless study-group is headed primarily by veteran GOP-pols and conservative Democrats. This is a study by Reagan-era criminals, giving-advice to Bush II-era criminals.

It is an utterly-irrelevant report, a real half-effort. But that's what most Americans expect from their elected-leaders, and political-hacks on the sidelines: a half-assed job at governing and an insulting limiting of the debate. Their problem is, we're tired of it and them. This means both parties.
What is so galling is that the report was an obvious move by the GOP to define and grab the debate before the Democrats could, though it's doubtful it will have any effect in this direction. It's not a legitimate governmental study, anyway, and the 'bipartisan' nature is just another sham.

Many of these recommendations have been voiced by the public and even in Congress, for over a year. Baker states, 'these are policy recommendations that have a chance'. Fine, let's say the political-class is stupid enough to continue down the same-path--Iraq will still be a disaster, American power will continue to wilt at an alarming-rate worldwide anyway, and we'll have the happy-result of a bipartisan demise. Incumbents of both-parties will be swept-out permanently if there is no solid-path out of Iraq. 'We're the only bipartisan commission,' says the study-group. Rumpelstiltskin-Rumpelstiltskin-Rumpelstiltskin.

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