Sunday, June 20, 2010

Songs from the Site meter: Someone looking around about Jack Burkman's pa!

Site Meter--This is anyone's guess, granting it's coming from the Arlington County Government, but someone who lives in the same city as Jack Burkman, Jr. did a search on "Jack Burkman's dad," read for 3 minutes, and left. Burkman is a lawyer who's a lobbyist, GOP pundit, and shill for anyone with a blank checkbook so he can go buy pussy surreptitiously. Gimp of the perverse? Someone interested in his nocturnal behaviors? You tell me.

But the fact of the matter is: Jack Burkman, Jr. was and is found in the phone records of the dead DC Madam, Deborah Jeane Palfrey. He called multiple times, even over a period of three years. This is no mistake, he was calling Palfrey's escort service--Pamela Martin & Associates--with a purpose.

He might tell us what that purpose was some time.

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According to some women around the beltway, he's still a real Don Juan. Will people remember individuals like Burkman and his erstwhile compatriot, Ann Coulter? Probably, just not how anyone would want to be. I should add that I found the Arlington Police Department in Palfrey's phone records back in 2007. It seemed to me that someone got arrested for solicitation...

And now, for BP CEO Tony Hayward's next act...

Rumors are swirling that Mr. Hayward's (not to be confused with Tony Banks, a member of the rock group Genesis, nor Mr. Moto ) next act will be neither sexual or pulling a rabbit out of his hat (same thing), but as the simultaneous directors of and Greenpeace. Shortly after the ink's dried on all of the contracts, Mr. Hayward is scheduled to eat a live kitten in a televised broadcast. The remaining parts will be auctioned for charity. Afterward, he'll recount his time as a member of the Sawney Beane clan and his years of torment in an English public school.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Ronny Deutch is a fucking liar...

Why? Because she's really Suzi Quatro, that's why, but she says she's a reputable national lawyer. She's not. You know, it all falls off from there...