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London, UK-
-Now that the case is a murder investigation, a reiteration is in-order. It now appears that the sushi bar was probably not the site-of-contamination, but the bar at the Millennium Hotel, or thereabouts. So? It's right next-to the British offices of two private intelligence/security firms:

The building near the Millennium Hotel [Ed.-site of a bar Litvinenko visited and contaminated] contains a business intelligence company, Titon International Ltd. — whose CEO was a former U.K. Special Services director, and Erinys UK Ltd., an international security and risk management company. Erinys confirmed that Litvinenko had visited the office "on a matter totally unrelated to issues now being investigated by the police," but declined to elaborate. (AP, 11/27/2006)
"Private" could be a coy means of saying it's an MI6 front company, a common occurrence in the world of spooks and operatives ("ops," a very old term). Could they obtain polonium-210? If they have State security-clearances, or they were 'hired' as contractors to do the hit, most-certainly.

Considering the possibility that they really are a private firm, a hit could go to the highest-bidder, regardless of nationality or motives. Since most ex-spooks and analysts have to do something after "retirement," this is a possibility--you have interlocking-networks where the State and corporations fuse.

The shadowy Titon International Ltd. and Erinys UK Ltd. have a lot of answering to do, even if it means an army of Bobbies have to drag it out of them. We can even expect deportations of some of these folks if it is found they had any involvement in the murder of Mr. Litvinenko. At-stake here is the sovereignty of Great Britain, and if private contractors were used, the finger could point to the American State Department, meaning the executive branch.

Nothing is out-of-the-question here, nothing. These are individuals and organizations that owe no allegiance to any nation or people. They are the essence of corporate-terrorism, and the public mind is in for a huge-shock. That dystopian future is upon us, unless we dismantle such organizations and neutralize their operatives. This will be a tall order.

Titon International Ltd.:

Erinys UK Ltd., Security Contractor in Iraq (works for Bush):

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