Sunday, December 10, 2006


SANTIAGO, CHILE--Hundreds of rioters, both for and against the legacy of deceased former dictator, Augusto Pinochet, have been fighting in the streets of the capitol for the last few-hours. Some Leftist protesters have created makeshift-barricades, and some fist-fights and rock-throwing have occurred. There have been no reports of serious-injuries yet. It's an expression of a rift that hasn't healed, but thousands are celebrating Pinochet's death, just as Spaniards did with the death of Franco. The celebrations will probably last for months, if Pinochet supporters don't act-out and violate the law (they're used to this).

No, there's no-looking-back for South America anymore. No more Monroe Doctrine, no more cheap bananas, oil and labor for Big Oil and American Fruit Company. No more, watch them fall--to their own people, a tragedy, I know. No more red-baiting, no more dominoes. The ruse is over with the Cold War gone, and democracy is winning in Latin America, much to the chagrin of the State Department and American elites. Makes you want to cry, doesn't it? Not really. It all began when they threw rocks at Nixon in Caracas during the Eisenhower years, the rocks hurled round-the-world. Thankfully, some of those rocks hit the SOB.

Center-Left politics continues to rule in Chile, as it has since 1990. There was no 'economic miracle', you see, Pinochet nearly wrecked Chile with his 'Chicago economics' deregulation. Sound familiar? A shame that red-baiting doesn't work anymore, but it's definitely Miller time in Santiago tonight. Young men will be looking for some leg, just as they did in Spain in 1975--and they'll get it. This is called being human, being spontaneous and comradely. Americans wouldn't know this sensation outside of a football game. We're not talking-about American women here, but real women. Real people. Americans aren't real, they hardly exist as individuals, just drones batted-around by the next commercial. The scared and the greedy.

Revolutions can be sexy when the people there are grounded-in-reality. There was an awful lot-of-fucking behind the barricades during the Paris Spring of 1968, you betcha. Capitalism is dowdy and wasteful, but we all know this. Thankfully, its purest-forms are deteriorating around the world. George W. Bush might have been its last-hurrah. Soon, very-soon, average-Americans will be able to travel and trade with Cuba, too. This will be an honest step-forward for both nations (and time for some leg). I might never leave if I go, and it's going to be so exciting to see Socialism continue-to-grow until it finally, finally reaches the United States. We're off to a good-start: we have our first Socialist in the Senate, and even our first Muslim in Congress! Heady-times, brother, heady-times. Viva Chavez, Viva Morales! Viva Socialismo!

Viva Venezuela:


  1. off topic comment:

    did you hear that kucinich is running for president again?

    thoughts? i like the little guy. I wonder if he'll get any more support this go around with a higher profiled gained from his run in '04.

  2. Yes, and it's interesting, though I don't hink he should bother. He's not recognizable enough, even with 04'. But events could change this, like Iraq going into a total-meltdown. Saw 'Apocalypto', a stunning anti-imperialist work. Expect a review, it's coming.