Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Online Music-Posting: Suggestions? Bueller?

SMOLA--I don't have a high-speed connection, we're out in redneck heaven here. If anyone has suggestions as to how I can post my upcoming EP and album, please let me know. Yes, I am aware of i-Tunes, but there are some obvious logistical-problems with my connection. It would take mailing someone a CDr of my selections (already pre-sequenced and EQ'd), then they would have to post it. Since I don't trust anyone around here in Michiana to do it, I'm doing this shoutout, yo. There's a link already to one cut from this-month, but it's not representative of my work, just a sliver. My idea is to post the EP for free-downloading, with the possibility of the same for the album. I might even post the cover-art here, we'll see. The material I wanna release would make great bar music in Bladerunner, it's pretty decadent electronic music. A little brown, a little blue, something old, something new. But not techno, it's electronic music (sometimes with a smidgen of Martin Denny, postpunk, some atonal hip-hop & motion picture scores).


  1. u will get a few hits & alota listen on myspace, although i'm not sure if u wanna be in teenage hell.

  2. Yeah, I also heard they were going to be doing just pure music-downloads, something separate. Thanks Boo! Teenage hell? Maybe.