Friday, December 29, 2006


BAGHDAD--This is getting interesting. Someone is the Iraqi government is getting cold-feet, which is good. As of this writing, AP was reporting Saddam was in custody at a US Military prison in Iraq. Just moments ago, however, I noticed Reuters is reporting the opposite. You have three-stories: the American authorities saying the execution is still a month-away, Iraqi justice authorities saying it was to be moved-up before a month, and Hussein's lawyers are saying it was within a week. Now they're saying Hussein is in Iraqi-custody, and may be executed within hours.

The confusion is likely covering a scuffle over who has custody of Hussein and when, with international law issues being considered by all-parties. I think there was a physical-scuffle where Iraqi justice-authorities refused to take-custody of Saddam Hussein earlier than was publicly-stated. They might even be reconsidering doing the execution under their authority, demurring, and handing-it-back to American military authorities. They have every reason not to want to do it, it could mean their own lives and legacies--and region-wide.



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