Sunday, December 17, 2006


THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA--Yes, they're still spying on us, and it's not making us any safer. The opposite is true. Imagine the unprecedented possibilities for insider-trading that there are for President Cheney, or how it's been used to surveil political opponents. Starting Jan. 4th, the fight will begin. We'll all see what a scumbag Arlen Specter really is, and how much he obstructed investigations into this illegal violation of our right-to-privacy (as writ in the 4th Amendment in the Bill of Rights). The Bush administration has openly-admitted to breaking the law, the 1978 FISA statute that was created in-the-aftermath of Watergate and numerous other revelations uncovered by the Left, anti-war movement, the Civil Rights movement, and the Church Commission. There was also an illegal break-in by an unknown activist-group in Media, Pennsylvania in 1971 that brought the release of hundreds of FBI-documents on illegal-ops. The Democrats have a lot to prove in January, like their commitment to democracy and the social contract.

It's pretty clear today that Sen. Church and the Congress of that time didn't do enough, and didn't go far enough in reigning-in the powers of the Executive. There's a reason for this: even the Democrats want to spy on you. Why? They and the wealthiest fear us. This is how criminals think. The key is to figure-out who they are in public-office, and to keep removing them again-and-again, sending many of them to prison. We can install our own genuine representatives to write laws with harsh-penalties and accountability for such violations. It's just a matter of will. If you don't care, you're probably just a pathetic, jaded creep. Fortunately, they'll come-for-you too if things don't change, nobody will be immune. In 2005, we had 40,000 drug-raids in this nation, a startling figure for any developed nation.

How many raids did the Gestapo do at their height? We don't know, many of the records haven't survived, but looking at concentration camp statistics, it was lower than contemporary statistics in America. Remember also, that Nazi repression relied upon informants in the general population. Sound familiar? We imprison a lot more of our citizenry than National Socialism ever did. Imagine how easily our prisons and military bases could be converted into death factories--we're practically there with the inhuman conditions of our penological system. It's a war alright. A war on people, not drugs. Why do I mention this? Because a portion of anti-terrorism funds going to Police departments are being used to spy on all of us for the War on Drugs. Cops have gotten pretty ballsy about surveillance in drug-interdiction too, thanks to the hysteria surrounding the aftermath of September 11th, 2001. Fear sells in our cowardly America, but will it continue-to as it has? This is an unknown.

For a time, the Bush administration and the GOP (with an unhealthy-dose of bipartisanship) in Congress tried to emphasize that 'some terrorist activities are funded by drug-smuggling', a ham-fisted attempt to fuse both efforts at population-control that has basically failed. Indeed, the illegal-war against the Sandinistas (Iran-Contra) appears to have been partly-funded by such smuggling by CIA-assets. The oligarchs (drug cartels of Northern Colombia) who we fund with drug-interdiction monies (billions) use it for counterinsurgency against the Marxist insurgent FARC. It is well-known that FARC controls a fraction of all the cocaine flowing from Colombia, the oligarchs controlling the lions-share. These kind of observations should raise some flags, and I believe the public is now emotionally-prepared to hear them. This has only ever been about controlling we, the people. It has bipartisan support, and will continue-to if we let it. All of this is the opposite-view of the Bush administration, especially Cheney. They must be imprisoned for their crimes for this society to be able to move-on as a democracy.

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