Sunday, December 31, 2006


EARTH--Same shit, different year, I know. But there are going to be changes, oh yes. Beginning January 4th, the new Democratic majority will begin "draining the swamp." This means investigations and a rollback of key-parts of the Bush administration's agenda. Virtually everything he's "accomplished" basically. In an AP-AOL poll, it's said that a majority of Americans think wars with Iran and North Korea won't occur during 2007. This is foolhardy, though it's going to be one incredible-trick if the neocons (aka " the Legion of Doom", headed by Lex Luthor) can pull-it-off. Somehow, I think Israel will hit Iran, primarily based on their own security concerns--but prodded by the Bush administration, lest you're silly enough to think the tail wags-the-dog. Have a better year, I know I will. Somehow, some way, we survived another year without annihilating-ourselves. Enjoy.


--Congressional investigations galore of the Bush administration will begin.

--A showdown with the Bush administration and Congress, and the public over illegal surveillance. The Bush administration will lose this battle resoundingly.

--Hillary Clinton will withdraw her bid for the White House (wise move).

--The Libby trial will result in a conviction.

--Guantanamo Bay's detention facilities will be closed.

--A new 9/11 Commission will be convened by the Democratic majority. The GOP and the White House will fight this, and lose.

--A massive escalation in violence in Iraq that result in a fixed-timetable for withdrawal. Bush will fight this, but Congress will defund the war in a bipartisan move.

--Aid to Katrina victims will finally begin reaching-them as emergency provisions of bills introduced by Democrats. President Bush will fight this, and lose.

--Vice President Dick Cheney and Karl Rove will resign before May of 2007, accelerating the disintegration of the Bush administration.

--The CIA will attempt an assassination on Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. The attempt will fail.

--The price of gas will top $3 dollars-a-gallon USD in the United States on-average.

--There will be a bipartisan showdown with the Bush administration over Iraq in January. President Bush will veto all legislation attempting to end the war, and will fail in-doing-so. He will have fewer-and-fewer press conferences, becoming isolated.

--It will be revealed that a constellation of state and private security organizations are behind the Litvinenko-hit. The world public will come to understand several-nations were involved.

Iraq will begin to be carved-up:

--Iran will intervene into Iraq.

--In-reaction, Saudi Arabia will intervene into Iraq.

--Turkey will invade the Kurdish sectors, but will meet stiff-resistance.
This will cause internal instability within Turkey itself.

--Jordan will send troops into Iraq.

--Lebanon will begin a new civil war, with some Lebanese joining the fight in Iraq.


--In-reaction to all this, the Taliban will retake most of Afghanistan.

--The UK will begin withdrawing her troops from Afghanistan and
Iraq by mid-year.

--Russia will mobilize her troops along her borders with the Caspian sea, Kazakhstan and Georgia over security concerns. A number of break-away Republics will increase aid to respective factions in Iraq.

--Revolts in the Northern provinces of China will continue, as will fighting in Chechnya.

--The potential for a Middle Eastern conflagration will increase
the longer American troops are there...

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