Monday, October 18, 2010

Why Alex Jones will live forever

Why do you think? Nobody's ever going to assassinate this worthless piece-of-shit except maybe one of his followers, one of his audience, like George Lincoln Rockwell. Yes, there are people stupider than him: the morons that listen to his radio show and watch his clips, buy the merchandise, and frequent his opportunist advertisers.

Let's be crystal clear about this: these people are sick as well as semi-literate.

Malcolm X was real. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was real. Patrick Henry was real. All the Civil Rights workers and union organizers who were murdered by goons and corrupt cops were real. As nuts as he was, the radical Abolitionist John Brown was real. The murdered Illinois Black Panther Chairman Fred Hampton was real. Even Bobby Kennedy was more real that this clown and his pack of retards, and he shares the same honor as the rest: he died for what was right. In fact, it's pretty obvious that they were so real that it was almost inevitable that they were going to die.

Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, Kurt Nimmo, Alex Constantine, and the rest of the conspiracy-mongers are not real, they're frauds, and they're selling an anti-government agenda, literally, to paranoid idiots. When people like this won't listen to you and go running to the irrational like some screaming Mullah, you know you're seeing a religion, a cult, and that makes them vaguely dangerous to the general public, but not the citadels of power. Were they a genuine threat, they would would at least be seeing some of the harassment we saw during the 1960s-70s that was unleashed on the antiwar movement generally, as well as all the other social justice groups and movements of that time. None of that is happening to Jones and company, contrary to their claims.

The whack-jobs will point to someone like Hal Turner, stupidly, being their lot in life, yet Turner unmasked himself as an FBI informant who was likely goading the same kinds of idiots into lawless action, a provocateur.

Who is Alex Jones? Really. At best, he's a craven liar and a demagogue, making money off of the whipping-up of fear and paranoia in a historical moment where it's literally yelling fire in a crowded movie theater. I will go as far as to say that much of what he says and writes is not protected speech and that his time is coming before long. It will be belated, but he's got to be taken down, and very, very hard. Quit going to his site. Quit allowing people to post links to those sites. Ignore him. Let him dry-up and blow away like he should have over a decade ago.

It's working with a certain GOP pundit with an enlarged Adam's apple...

By the way. Fucking grow-up.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


DATELINE CHICAGO: Sources have it that former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich's spiffy pate has secured legal representation. The former governor's pate wasn't available for comment, but his attorneys (hey, it's a man's hair, pffft!) have stated unequivicolly that the hair isn't sentient, and therefore, not responsible for the governor's untoward actions in office, if there even were any.

On the approaching tenth anniversary of 9/11: Time for a commemorative orgy

What should we all be doing on that day? What should we be thinking? Many will continue to be afraid, very afraid, of their own shadows and shadow-sides that are the terrorists, really an archetype of our own collective crimes. Let me be clear on this: Nobody who died in the attacks on September 11th, 2001 deserved to die.

It was a heinous crime against humanity since there were people from all over the world who were killed by a coterie of madmen who were being bankrolled by wealthy sources in Gulf State nations, nations such as Saudi Arbia, Kuwait, Pakistan-and-Ollie (yes, not a "Gulf State, thank you. I hope your ego's been mollified...look up "mollified."), and the rest of the Middle Eastern Lollipop Guild, the usual suspects who are supposed to be our "friends," "friends" of America.

Of course, those regimes aren't ours or anyone's friends, they're theocratic criminals.

Here's the real problem: Being our own worst enemy, we're our own worst enema. We've sold many of our basic rights idea whatsoever, some weird-assed contention that 9/11 was more catastrophic than it really was. It was not. It was horrible, an underhanded crime committed by Gulf State nations, using proxies, and then we started blowing our own balls off, even before the Nigerian bourgie who unsuccessfully attempted the same on a flight to Detroit not so long ago. This is the threat? Gimme a fuckin' break...

Nonetheless, the Children of Fear are running around, jerking themselves off every year September 11th rolls around. Do they really care about the victims? Nah. People even have commemorative picnics, which has to be the most retarded bullshit I've ever heard of in my natural life. Next year, I'm having one for the sinking of the Lusitania (look it up, Class of 2014, ya' fuckin' morons...) and the Civil War ironclad, the Monitor. I gotta say--and I had a classmate who died in the WTC and know people who witnessed the event firsthand--that with all the co-opting and misuse of the memories of the dead, I'm beginning not to care anymore, and that's not my fault, but the fault of the scumbags who have tried to "own" 9/11 to use for political gain. The worst offenders are the former Bush II administration and the GOP, but once again, the Democrats are doing likewise, only with more cunning and guile. We would have no war on terror otherwise.

So, no, I'm not having a picnic on these days. Instead, I'm not going to "observe" it at all. We need to move on emotionally from this event and bury the dead. We need to stop blowing our own toes off in the name of concentrated wealth, because they've used 9/11 to protect the core of the most evil form of economy on earth, namely American-style capitalism. It can end in peace, or it can end in slaughter, and likely, the collapse of human civilization, but the world cannot take the war on terror in its current form for much longer. Let's quit pretending that 9/11 was the most important event in our history, we've blown its significance entirely out of proportion and handed over too many of our rights.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

An unwanted Facebook solicitation...from Art Brown

Who's Art Brown? Don't ask the Class of 2014, they don't know shit from shine-ola. This guy is an idiot, he's an anarchronism, and he was being dishonest in the missive I got below from him in my Facebook private mail (meaning that I didn't ask for it, but accepting a friend request on there is often like playing Russian roulette...). Apparently, he wrote a book I heard about--Everything I Know, I Learned From Comic Books, or some such ephemeral shit.

He's also a businessman, so he's worn the alligator on his tit and the faux-cock around his neck, choking the oxygen-supply to his already addled-brain. I can't withhold this from you any longer, but here goes, what he wrote (minus the dumb Youtube clip whose link I'm not disseminating).

[F]Art wrote:
"Friends - it's time I "came out." My whole liberal viewpoint has been wrong. I see the light. Won't you kindly share this thoughtful and enlightening video with your friends as well? Thank you. You're welcome."

I didn't ask, and you're not welcome, Art. In an historic moment when--were we paying attention at all--it was obvious that the GOP and Reaganism put us where we are today, this oaf thinks he's got some magical conclusion: Liberalism was to blame. Wow, what a stretch that must have been, caving-into decades of pressure, then finally, finally letting that distended gut hang all the way out. That's great, you have fun with that, Art. At least you won't live forever.

I responded to the mass-mail I never asked for with:
Me too Art.
For years I thought, "They want to drive the nation to revolution, they're insane!" In fact, I was both right and wrong, and left, and in-the-middle: We in fact need a revolution, and by gum, the GOP is poised to take us over the cliff, once again, as they did during the 1920s and 1930s! History? Who needs that stuff! Inconvenient facts, coming from no less than Nobel Prize winning economists that the same road will mean collapse--communist lies!
And--you know--you'll get a free Bissel brush if you vote for them. And hey, how about those stolen elections and the crushing of dissent, disenfranchisement of minorities...

hugs, Matt Janovic
PS: I know, I hallucinated all those open crimes committed by Republicans over the last eight years, I was wrong!!
Will I read his response? Sadly, yes, I get amusement out of the flailings of the ignorant. However, he votes, and I'd dissuade him and anyone who ever has the urge to vote Republican to never vote again, for the rest of their natural lives. Yes, this isn't exactly "Liberal," but I'm more practical than Art or the rest of the Lollipop Guild, along with the More-Liberal-Than-Thou Crew (not to be confused with CREW, and not really Liberals at all).
What would I have done without Art? I wouldn't have been able to write this piece about a very, very misguided little man, a great example of why we're probably doomed.

"I am not a witch" is added to the political lexicon

Did people react like this during the Great Depression? Did they vote for dimwits like Christine O'Donnell? Sadly, they nearly did, there being no real "good old days" in the real world. As a matter of fact, people acted about as crazy as they are now, albeit with better results. True, the New Deal didn't go far enough--thanks to the business sector--but at least they voted for FDR.

Americans are a pretty nutty bunch, and O'Donnell just reminds us of this fact. Being "nutty" is alright at parties, but not likely to get good results as a congressional representative, especially a Senator. Yet, nutty is what we tend to elect. O'Donnell is another kind of nutty altogether, however, not that she's hateful.

Fine, lots of young women screw around with the Occult during their teen years, sit on a Satanic altar on their first date...they don't? Really? Whoopsie! Hey, when I'm wrong, I'm wrong. Remember 1999? Me either! What were you having for lunch on June 21st of that year? Me either! Remember the impeachment hearings of Bill Clinton? Remember unlimited credit disguising the fact that Americans were making shit wages, even then? What a time! But it had to end, like all false Edens.

O'Donnell said this on her 1999 Bill Maher appearance (apparently, she blew the entire production staff, starting with Maher): "One of my first dates with a witch was on a satanic altar, and I didn't know it. I mean, there's little blood there and stuff like that," she says. "We went to a movie and then had a little midnight picnic on a satanic altar." As nutty as it sounds, I know of a woman from college who did this! "A little blood"?! OK, we don't want to start throwing the blood libel around here. Would this be tolerated from a Democratic candidate or anyone on the Left? Of course not.

Let's be clear: this isn't "normal" behavior, even to someone like myself who doesn't even believe in the Christian cosmology and certainly doesn't believe in the Devil, Belial, Cheeseburglar, and all shim's other supposed guises. Interestingly, we've gone from denying that we're actually the Devil (Nixon, during the Watergate hearings in 1973) in our politics to denying that we're a holder (witch) of the franchise license (O'Donnell), like a local businessperson who owns a Howard Johnson's (who?). OK, fine, you're not a Republican, just nuts...

So, here were are, 37 years later from the Watergate hearings, and somehow, some way, the GOP is still around. We've gone from "I am not a crook," to the obvious detached insanity of "I am not a witch." If that's not a warning sign with the bodies of dead canaries littered all around it, I don't know what is. What a fuckin' bimbo in our political stasis and limbo. We probably deserve her winning the election. Now dance,, witch.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

"Where's Waldo?" and an important announcement

I've been busy, very busy revising and editing my DC Madam account and caring for a family member after a surgery. Life gets in the way: The book on my experiences with the Palfrey scandal--as I call it--should be finished and available in 2011 and should clock in at around 400 pages, including an index.

Why so little writing on the blog? Why do so few people blog these days? Because it's not sustainable, like everything else these days. Additionally, I'm finding less and less reason to write and post at this site just one philosophical and dialectical grounds. I've come to the conclusion that less-is-more with the Internet, a word to the wise. There's also a point where all you're doing is reacting. That in itself isn't a problem, but too often we all fall into this rut. But, before long, unless there's some burning reason someone can come up with, I'll be moving on to other mediums.
I won't be gone 100%, but don't expect more than a handful of posts each month. This takes us to a related subject...

I'm going to do working on a book with "Party Monster" Michael Alig's mother, primarily about his period of addiction leading to his downfall and the killing of Angel Melendez. We're going to have a simple Youtube clip soon with what should be an brief description of the project, possibly some contact information, and probably lots of spastic jerks and thwaggling around since that gets the most hits (we're all doomed, I know...).

Expect something good with the clip. Needless to say, a link will be posted here too.

The Tower of Babel: An exegesis in less than 1,000 words

Almost everyone living within the suffocating confines of Western civilization (and beyond, except the American Class of 2014) knows this tale, coming from a blurb in the Book of Genesis and other books: after the Flood, the survivors, sharing one language, decided to build a great tower to impress God. There was a unity of the people, really called "Shinar" in the Old Testament version. But God wasn't pleased with their work, and "Go to, let us go down, and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another's speech." (King James Version)

Once the tower ended, so too did the city of Shinar, it was over, and the people dispersed. There was no more society, just brigands, raiders, chaos. This is about the fall of a civilization. But why would "God" do this? There doesn't seem to be any logical reason. "God" just wanted to show who was boss. What this is, is allegory, once again.

The Priests and Sovereign of Babylon would do these things, more specifically to the captive tribal Jews, but could also be expected to have done the same to anyone under their sway. The Tower of Babel is about human hierarchy and how people tend more towards unity naturally, but that hierarchy is also natural and that it has a tendency to divide. The Priests were usually the only ones who could read and write, therefore, they controlled language, and they knew how to corrupt its use through religion to render communication between ordinary people almost useless.

That's where we're at right now as a society, a civilization. The Priests--the economists, the rich, the managerial class, the media, rotten lawyers, the military officers, the pundits, and so on--have corrupted language to the point that things are unraveling, society itself is coming-apart. A great deal of it is owed to this manipulation of language. Hierarchy might be inevitable, but its dysfunction can be controlled, my take. I'm sure this isn't the first time someone has "found" this interpretation, I make no high claims.