Saturday, December 16, 2006


Be sure not to watch, he and Tim have absolutely nothing relevant to say! Is Meet the Press the most irrelevant news program on television? No, CBS News with Katie Couric (still number 3!) and Fox News are. Honestly: who gives-a-shit what Gingrich has to say? Are you that fuckin' stupid? He started the whole-mess that became the Bush administration and the 109th Congress, get real. They're just so cuddly, these commissars, but are they more-popular than Elmo? Stop watching television news. Stop watching television programming, it's rubbish. Lay-off the crack and cheap beer. Later historians will note that Americans were the most-propagandized culture in human history, equatable with an enclosed lab-experiment. Scary, no? Soon, they won't have to do the Nielsen ratings, what with everyone under constant-surveillance! The United States Police Force--like an army--will always have cable for-free! What a relief it is to know this.

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