Saturday, December 16, 2006


In case you haven't noticed, my philosophy is fundamentally misanthropic. I don't like most-people, and while I'm not rich-enough to have travelled across-the-globe, it seems certain to me that assholes are everywhere in the world. I've met people from virtually every country on this rock, and I can tell you they were no-different at-base than the assholes I call 'my fellow Americans.' Yes, I dump-on women a lot here, but they don't hold-a-candle to males--'men' being much too-fair to describe most of the eternal-children known as 'guys'. Animalistic would also be too-fair. When Valerie Solanas said men would 'wade, nostril-deep through a river of snot, if there was a cunt on the other side', she was correct. Guys suck. They suck worse than women, it's true. Women don't even come close to how lowly males are. All the 'myths' are true, and there are real-life versions that are worse.

They are lying, cheating, thieving, reactionary, racist, sexist, homophobic, rapist-children. That 'hot-guy' you think would be great-in-bed--get-real, he doesn't give-a-shit about your pleasure, just his. He sucks in-bed. He also tends to vote Republican because he's that kind of selfish, stupid-asshole, and he's got nothing. Nothing. He doesn't really even fit-in within the modern, genteel world. He's an animal in a cage that's too-good for him, which is why he yearns for prison. Yes, the 'ultra-male' really wants anal-penetration, that's why he's so violent in his attitudes and actions towards homosexuals. He fears the 'enemy-within'...himself. He also fears the Black male, because he knows being-penetrated by him is in his future. Black homophobia is another issue related to the history of slavery and its aftermath, but most of the same piggish-behaviors are exhibited by Black males too. It's never acceptable, even when one is poor, and most models of manhood are obsolete. It's possible most males will extinguish-themselves, leaving mostly women and children behind. Only a few men will endure, and the statistics show this is where it is all heading.

While he's not fearing his inevitable-fate, the male runs-around 'proving his manhood' by tagging as many females as he can, this is how wretched he is. He suspects this quality within-himself, and like most manipulators, projects it onto others. When his victims won't comply to his demands for his version of reality, or sex, money or food cooked the way he wants, he beats them. Frequently, he puts these poor, lost-souls into the Emergency Rooms and halfway houses that pepper America like polka-dots. When he isn't ripping-off investors at a corporation, he's selling-methamphetamine to other rednecks from his corporate suite. Frequently, he joins the military so he can take-out his sexual and class-frustrations on helpless Iraqis, and other people of color. He molests his own children, devouring-them like the God Saturn. He makes them into monsters resembling himself in behavior. He makes life a painting by Goya or Bosch. He is ultra nationalist, and loves seeing good people lose. To say he worships power would be redundant. He hates any display of weakness or vulnerability, because he fears it in himself, knowing he's weaker than all those around him. He is despair-itself, the source. He is lack.

Or, sometimes, he's out gay-bashing, embezzling from public-funds, abusing his political office, exploiting his workers, attacking and harassing immigrants and refugees, raping women and murdering some of them, robbing a bank or convenience store, often killing-someone to prove that he's a 'man', when it's obvious he never will be. Sometimes, just sometimes, he's a serial-killer. He runs-out on the mother of his children to be with his girlfriend, smoking-crack, or just drinking until he passes-out in his trailer with a lien on it. He never pays his child-support with a court order behind it. He is the source of all 'psycho-bitches', yet tends to be the one who uses the term the most. The statistics (American) paint an even worse picture. Endless iniquity, the badasses the (dysfunctional) ladies love. The Buddhists are correct about this life. Anything to get-laid, anything. Any price women can pay is OK with him. Are all males like this? Nope, just most. If these clowns weren't so funny, providing all of us with the basis for drama and comedy, we'd be forced to jail them all. In America, we're doing our best, we're no quitters. That'll learn ya'. This reads a lot like radical feminism, doesn't it? That's because not all radical feminism is radical, just outraged. The outrage is appropriate.


  1. Yup. I worked at home for abused-children. Guess what gender the majority of the molestors were? I got to read their backgrounds, we had folios, it was appalling. We have a human-rights disaster that is ongoing in America--and nobody will acknowledge it. Also, since changing it would mean a social justice, no-dice.

    I worked with a kid whose parents--both--would put-out their cigarettes on this kid's body, and regularly. These are the products of injustice, we sacrifice our children to the rich. We are pathetic as a nation. I would welcome another Civil War to change all of this.

  2. while you are right in what you said (and I agree for the most part), and you do qualify it at the end with a "not all, but most" - perhaps posts about good men would be helpful.
    And of course, in my life, I've seen women very guilty of torture. they are just more subtle about it.
    You gotta wonder about many of the fucked up men in the world. Was it a female in their formative years that fucked em up?
    Just sayin.....

  3. I don't deny there are poisonous women, no. My Father's mother was a demonic, rabid, Bohunk. She was a Bohemian-parrot, squawking. She drove my father insane, then he took-it-out on myself and my brother. He's neglected-us our entire lives. Doesn't matter if a woman did those things to you, you rise-above-it, or you're the same as your oppressor. I was molested and I don't go out and try to do the same to children. No excuses for it. But, as-a-whole, men are pretty awful, and I don't feel a part of them. Again, though, I'm basically misanthropic. There is a post about my Grandfather, he was a good man, I had to balance-things because of all the observations I've made of horrible-women. Actually, I think American women are my primary-target, I think they're fucked.