Wednesday, December 20, 2006


"I also want to mention a very difficult subject before you here, completely openly. It should be discussed amongst us, and yet, nevertheless, we will never speak about it in public. Just as we did not hesitate on June 30 [1934, the execution of Brown shirt leader, Ernst Rohm] to carry out our duty, as ordered, and stand comrades who had failed against the wall and shoot them. "

--Heinrich Himmler, at Posen, 1943.

Radical conservative ideology that posits government cannot provide for the common good is dead, it died with Katrina and this war. It's over. Over. Reasonable conservatives, the Populist Left is here for you, we agree on more than you might think. We can better this nation, we can be proud of her again. Gingrich knows the GOP-version of conservatism was a sham. He knows that it's over. Sadly, this is why he pathetically-clings to it anyway: '"If there was no FEMA, New Orleans would have recovered faster," Mr. Gingrich said.'

Wrong. What he's saying is if there was no FEMA, nobody would be helped, and that's fine. How is this different from what Bush has done? It just shows the obvious-limitations of their type of conservative-ideology. Fortunately, the laws of physics have held-up and routed them with objective-defeats. An astute commenter at Huffpo noted that the Bush administration simply did what Gingrich would have wanted--only the did it too-quickly, and I would again add, incompetently. Newt Gingrich wilfully-ignores what we all know anyway. That it's the Bush administration's incompetence and vindictiveness towards Louisiana politicians, and the blame-game between both elements. FEMA did a much-better job before Katrina, we all know this. Does FEMA seem so dangerous and invincible now? Gingrich's comments recently confirm his continued allegiance to a dead-ideology, making him resemble Vladimir Putin.

If the Bush administration hadn't misruled, FEMA would have worked. For those who disagree, here's to nobody bailing-you-out either when a natural disaster strikes, you're simply not in-touch with reality. The sham is over, commissars, shills, fixers, and hacks. We either have a society, or we don't. We either have a social contract, or we don't. If we have to jail some of you, we will, if you've broken the existing-laws. This applies to the President and his administration. On Iraq, on Katrina, on basically everything, Gingrich offers exactly what the Bush administration has--incompetence and disaster from misrule. Their version of conservatism isn't conservative at all, it's radical and dangerous. It is un-American, and barbaric, a threat to all of human civilization, and it is losing.

To all the nut job neocons, I ask you this: what is a society for, then? Government is always, always better than misrule by corporations. The GOP is over. Done, like Soviet-style communism. All they achieved was more intrusive-government into all of our lives, an obvious violation of Habeus Corpus, and an ongoing rollback of the 4th Amendment. Does that sound like conservative ideology? This week, Gingrich is attacking Karl Rove, but he's just as guilty of the mess we're in today. They all are, the incumbents in the GOP. Gingrich is smart enough to know the public doesn't want him in 2008, or possibly ever again. It's good to know when you're whipped, but why the secret, Himmler-like (Himmler's October 4th, 1943 speech at Posen) meeting on November 30th? Why are we only finding-out about this now from Insight and the rest of the mainstream press? Yes, there were blurbs about it, but no quotes. Why?

Himmler's Secret 2006 Speech in Virginia:

Himmler's Secret 1943 Speech at Posen:

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