Saturday, December 30, 2006


BAGHDAD--Iraq is no more, it died this early-morning with Saddam Hussein. Contrary to President Bush's statements that Iraq can now move on as a democracy, we can expect the opposite. With a national symbol--regardless of how reviled--gone, so too is national identity. Into this vacuum will emerge a new Middle Eastern order, and one that isn't democratic (except perhaps because of an historical-accident). A casual observer might note that Iraq will become ungovernable, but this has been apparent for over a year. A car bomb exploded in a Shia-district shortly-after the execution--it's unknown if it's related to it. This is just one more notch on George W. Bush's list of executions, it's his M.O. . From executing Black people, to pardoning serial-killer Henry Lee Lucas (he was terminally-ill), to allowing the execution of a retarded-person, you cannot say George W. Bush has no sense-of-humor. It's just that it's sick and nihilistic.

If he's sent a message to the world, it's this: this administration is more-than-willing to kidnap, torture, and murder foreign leaders and nationals, and will continue to completely-ignore international law. This is what makes him so very-dangerous to the American public. By creating a world that is hostile to the United States, he's gone a long-way towards making us more vulnerable than we were before the events of September 11th, 2001. Even the Foreign Office in London has substantially condemned the use of the death penalty here. This will also have the added-effect of isolating the United States diplomatically further, at a time when the Bush administration needs it most. It's unlikely anything good will come of this, except that it will probably embolden the insurgency to more spectacular-actions against American troops. We've now created a martyr.

The Reaction in Brussels:

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