Tuesday, October 17, 2006


PYONGYANG--Don't believe the stories--North Korea didn't necessarily detonate anything of a nuclear-nature in their tests. Why? We were fooled about WMDs before, weren't we? Yes, you were. But why not? Because, if it was under 1-kilotonne (about 200-tonnes of tnt), it might mean a level of sophistication that the North Koreans simply could not posess. Some nuclear physicists--many on the government's pay--are saying it might be the 'geology' of the test-site. Ok. Others are saying...a lot of bullshit they were told to by the Bush administration. Look closely at who these scientists are, and who they have to answer-to. It might mean they're lying to save their mortgages. Yes, the world is completely out-of-control. Only a nation state like America, China, France--basically the original family of nuclear-powers--can achieve a low-yield nuclear warhead. What would happen to Bush's ability to get loans for the war in Iraq if the world found-out China supplied North korea with everything they needed for a low-yield bomb? The tide of nationalism in America would end those loans, and the money would stop. Things would get much-uglier in Iraq after that.

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