Sunday, October 22, 2006


IRAQ-Just thought I'd remind you that there is NO CIVIL WAR IN IRAQ. Or that the city of Amarah was temporarily-taken by Shia militiamen--never happened, forget-it. Like we have to tell you. We won't need any exit-strategy, we'll have to retreat. Yes, I told-you-so. Kids, if you ever wondered what the Vietnam war was like, you're getting your chance to witness the same idiocy (minus the draft, but that's going to return eventually). November 7th: you'll be apathetic when the GOP steals another election, too. We have the President we deserve, that's clear.

PS: Those militiamen are backed by Iran, another fine-accomplishment by the Bush administration and your apathy. Cracking-down on them was effective. Thanks America.

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