Friday, October 06, 2006

Foley and 1994: Salting The Root-System of 'Predatorgate'

WASHINGTON--It still amazes me that there are still Americans who think there was no cover-up in the Foley scandal. While a steady-steam of former-pages keeps moving out of the shadows, telling us and the FBI that they told the GOP-leadership for years of Foley's misconduct, some just think it's being pushed by the Democrats. This is factually-untrue, and a calculated-lie. The Drudge report is going into overdrive, trying to tell us this is scandal was initiated and funded by 'George Soros' and the Democratic Party--or worse, the media isn't obeying-them anymore: 'Hastert had blamed Democrats for the election-season revelations, but on Thursday abruptly changed course and took responsibility for the matter.' (AP, 10/06/2006) It's interesting to note that Hastert's press-conference was pushed-backed two-times yesterday, suggesting some serious chaos behind-the-scenes. It doesn't matter, he's gone, he just won't accept it. When you're a Republican incumbent, and the conservative Washington Times says you have-to-go, it's time.

This conspiracy-argument is rubbish, and 2/3rd's of the public aren't buying-it. But what of the others who actually believe this? Why don't polls figure-in mental-illness, retardation, illiteracy, emotional-retardation, and the authoritarian-personality? Why do women find assholes attractive? Yes, it sounds funny (because it is), but all bear-investigation. That's why it won't ever happen. In order to control morons, you have to massage their egos.

One former-page is stating he was approached inappropriately by Foley in 1995. This is the immediate-aftermath of the GOP-seizure of Congress during the Clinton administration. Even Democrats and the media are wrong when they say that the GOP hid this because 'they became out-of-touch' after years of controlling the House. This is untrue based on this testimony (if it's true!), but when exactly has the GOP ever been 'in-touch' with the public or reality? It's my opinion that once the GOP got-into-power in those-days, the culture became: 'We can do whatever we want now, no-accountability Damn that JFK and his sex with adult-females!' Foley got this message loud-and-clear. He assumed-correctly that his misbehavior would go-unnoticed amongst the avalanche of corruption. To be fair, Democrats are simply more-discreet and intelligent about their corruption, we find-out decades-later. Indeed, it seems most of their dalliances are of a more 'innocent-kind'. They are infrequent, and are between consenting-adults, not minors. You know, children, the little-people the GOP says they're protecting for us. Certainly, there are the unknown-cases, and in the spirit of bipartisanship, one should hope they get-caught too.

A number of blogs are saying this is a 'distraction by Karl Rove'--this is utter-bullshit, and wrong-headed elitism. You morons don't have the truth anymore than I or the media and other-blogs, and you seem to have a contempt for your readership that should sink-you. No party in any parlimentarian or bicameral democracy would want this, not ever. If you think people don't know 13 American soldiers died since-Monday, you're cracked. Most of us do. Even a casual-observer knows the situation in Iraq is beginning to resemble the Battle of Stalingrad, the beggining-of-the-end of another empire. Not-only can you not win a guerilla-war in the modern world, you cannot win in house-to-house fighting either. In an underreported aspect of the war, someone is supplying insurgents with gold-tipped RPGs that can penetrate through both-ends of an M-1 Abrams tank. Who would have the capital? Ask some Gulf state nations and their ruling-families. The story is three-years-old. (

Pundits and the public alike see what they want to see. Iraq was always a disaster, beginning with the immediate-aftermath when the Iraqi-military was disbanded. This wasn't even done in postwar Germany (a child playing the game 'Risk' would grasp this). We know there was no Marshall Plan in Iraq, but we also know the illegal-invasion was virtually unilateral from the fit the Bush administration threw. It's obvious the GOP will do anything to keep its majority in Congress. Pundits are baffled at how President Bush is still-supporting House Speaker Dennis Hastert, but it should be clear: if they lose their majority, genuine-investigations will come for a majority that has run-roughshod over the congressional-minority and the American public. But even-better, the GOP might give the game away and point-out Democratic crimes we don't know-about. We still have a two-party nightmare, after all.

Yes, it will be payback time, and there will be a lot of heads rolling. But it will be THE head which will roll, leaving only the trunk. It would become the public to push for a chain-reaction that would envelop both parties, splintering them into a constellation of political-plurality (not-likely, but we can dream). The ensuing-revelations will keep the GOP out of a majority for decades, just as Herbert Hoover's inaction during the worst-years of the Great Depression did. But even if the GOP 'wins' (what does that mean anymore?), they'll still be fighting-for-their-lives. This can only be good. Most of the last six-years has been unprecedented in our nation's history. Placing most of the GOP in-prison would be too, including the President. This is in-order.


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