Tuesday, October 24, 2006


BIZARROWORLD--I'm a registered-Democrat, and I apologize. The reality is, my politics are Socialist, I believe that nobody should go to bed hungry, have decent-pay, yadda-yadda. I know, how radical and insane. But I've really gotten tired of the shorthand for Democrats...'Dems.' It's annoying doublespeak that would make Orwell vomit-blood, which he was known to do. I hate-it-hate-it-hate-it-hate-it-hate-it-hate-it-hate-it-hate-it-hate-it-hate-it-hate-it-hate-it-hate-it-hate-it-hate-it-hate-it-hate-it-hate-it-hate-it. I don't even like the candidates, they all suck, with some minor-exceptions. Those 'minor-exceptions' didn't win in our local-primaries, they didn't have the money.

The Democratic Party has only delivered when the public had their back-to-the-wall, which should tell the American voter everything they need-to-know--they don't represent our interests. But, at least they respond to this pressure, and that's what makes them marginally-better than the GOP. The Republicans have been the whores of Big business since the end of WWI, and the Democrats have played both sides of the fence, appealing to the wealthy while currying-favor with the working-class. This is because many of them are rich too. 'Dems' just irritates-me, it's more of the great American stupidity in-action, and it's time for new-monikers for the GOP. I've dropped a few, but this one is the best: PEDS. Time to spread the love.

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