Tuesday, October 10, 2006


South Bend, Indiana--Someone ripped the Joe Donnelly (Democrat) sign from my front yard. Guess they don't believe in my right to free expression, but that's the GOP for you! I don't even like Donnelly much, but at least he isn't a Republican. I'm getting a new one tomorrow, no effect by the dummies. Why do I think it was some tornado-bait, white-trash factory dog?

Because Indiana is white trash heaven, why do you think?! Most idiots here are descended from farmers, gangster-molls and Klansmen. In case you wonder about the state's name, it's because there were never very many Native Americans here. Many were run out on the trail of tears, to be replaced by people in trailer parks, weird. If I had seen the sign-thieves, I would have written-down their license-plate number. Then the cops woulda paid them a visit--hilarity-ensues.

If they intruded-on my property, I would have creased their scalps with my blackjack. Not-so-ironically, tearing-down my sign doesn't stop the boyfucking episode from sinking the GOP either, so play again. How goofy, you tore-down my Donnelly sign (a guy I don't even care-for), when I can get another-one every time you do it, dummies. This is the climate in Northern Indiana. Yes, I was born-and-raised here. I guess the next thing is the local GOP doing cross-burnings at polling-places when Black people show-up, but Arizona, Ohio and Florida seem to have that one covered. Why does the GOP want to touch our children? That's terrorism, after all.

Why do you think they have that animal stare and the boorish braggard posture? They know they're just cowboy faggots. Besides, gay men could beat their asses (I don't hate gay men, they do. replace hate with 'desire' for homophobes).They only beat women, because they are pussies. They are closet-queens. Beer (shitty-beer) swilling rednecks with no brains, no balls, and no luck. They don't even do real drugs, just methamphetamine. Factory owners love their asses, because they work real hard and fast on that speed for their daily slave.

Some of them hurt themselves for that big-payoff: workman's compensation. Those factory owners are something else, too. Yes, they allow retards to be rich in America, so now you know why we're so fucked. Look at Bush, and you tell me.

They're really the same trash as their employees, only with some money. Hiring illegal aliens (illegally!), and fleecing rednecks--it would be funny if it didn't affect everyone else but rednecks. Only staggering stupidity and cowardice could have created an America like the one we have now. That's why most of the drug tests they use can be easily bypassed for cocaine and meth abusers, it's like advocating specific drugs.

There are now TV ads for drug testing firms! It's an obvious violation of the 4th Amendment, but who tried to stop it? Some of the unions and the ACLU, because it sure t'wernt the goobers here in Indiana. People who don't struggle don't deserve respect, they have no credibility. But what rednecks and most white racists really want is to be sodomized by a BIG Black man, that's why they yammer about how they hate (fear/desire X frustration=hate-crime) 'fags' and 'niggers.' If you think white trash are quaint, remember that Mitch Daniels and George W. Bush are the price.

It's better if
some people adhere to voter apathy.
Black people vote smarter than most whites.

Non sequitur: I noticed ALL the local 7 Elevens still sell CITGO, and still display the CITGO logo on all their sites here in Michiana. ;0) Viva Hugo Chavez! Some Alaskans have rejected a cheap heating-oil program from Venezuela. It takes amazing ignorance to refuse this, especially if you're poor. If the ones who didn't want it, freeze...oh well. Everyone knows Alaskans are nuts--look where they live. You have to be paid to live there.



  2. While I cannot advocate such actions, I will say that Chocola earned the disrespect. But I won't judge the action, either. In the face of all the shenanigans of the last six-years, it's a blip. When Black Americans and Hispanic-Americans are dumped from the poll-lists, turned-away illegally, defacing a dirty-politician's sign is really not a big-deal. I second the sentiments, and here's to Chocola being swept-up in a corruption-investigation! He looks like a gay-hustler.