Monday, October 16, 2006


AFGHANISTAN--Our indefatiguable allies, the Canadians, are encountering a new enemy (or and 'old-friend'). The enemy is marijuana, and Taliban forces are using vast forests of the plant as cover. Thermal imaging-devices won't work, and as we know, smoking-them-out won't either. At one-point, the troops considered rolling an entire forest in a giant-paper, but Stephen Harper showed-up and ruined-everything. Straight-edge, I know. The troops considered fragging-his-ass, but decided to have a party instead. 'He's not worth killing, eh,' said a Technical Sergeant who requested his identity be withheld. As of this-week, the entire force in Afghanistan was stoned, even the officers. Many were pining for a jaunt to Second City, or even the Hot Box in Kensington Market, Toronto. No-dice, these boys signed-on with the Harper-administration, and George Bush must be mollified, eh?

I love Canada, I really do. They wouldn't have started a war like this, that's certain. Considering the progress we've made, Saddam Hussein will escape-custody, joining the insurgency with a promise of liberation and order. In Afghanistan, the Taliban will be back-in-power again, only this-time they'll allow the exportation of drugs to infidel-nations to supply terrorism. Hopefully, Mr. Harper will go the way of Silvio Berlusconi. In 22-days, Canada's future will be clearer. If the Bush administration can be taken-down by Congress with a Democratic majority, it should weaken Harper. You think he's holding?

Stay-Maple, Canada, Stay-true:

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