Friday, October 13, 2006

Huffington Post Troll List (copy-away!)

SanitynotHannity just provided a list of all the trolls on, it's amazingly-long. How-many of these people are conservative PAC-operatives? How-many of them are working-for the GOP and the Bush administration? They have all the same talking-points, sometimes before the Bush administration voices-them. This is very suspicious. If you see them on other liberal' blogs, report them to the webmaster:

JonQuixote [ed.-I have pummeled him too-many times], 12ax7 [ditto], rightfromthebeginning, ddh [I pity him for how badly he got pummeled], truthman2, sonofdy, hillaryscock, landsurveyor, alvaston, shoemaker, TeddysBloatedLiver, BJClinton [big ditto], Monsieur, grossprophet, bubbabgone, farts, cswnow, Amhet, DGmC9Bflat, Kudzu, cheneyhasaweathermachine, miza, ronaldusmaximus, cswnow, Flag, CrackHead, jacksnead, ChuckYouFarley, karb420, BobBobb, TomE, wvrebelyell, FedUpWithLibs, YourMammaWasAMonkey, ProudNeoCon, Republicus, dozers4, peaveydreamer, bridgetjones, KP, liberalsmustdie, dogcatcher, daito, SydsDad, beefeater, pa104inf, Anonymous, SayWhat, leftloonatoon, Floridan, tomh, davew, AmericanPie, scalitofan, Builder, bradgates2, McHale, curious1, mike53, truthman2, sighkobabl, Dazy, BeefitswhatsforDinner, BertLoc, Whatureallysaid, LockAndLoad, TheSleepingGiant, Gamecock, Skeleton, 2tim3, ilikeyourtinfoilhat, 4Q2, Bulow.

Their screen-names aren't a provocation, not-at-all. The best-approach is NOT TO RESPOND, but it's like shooting fish-in-a-barrel, so just keep on-topic when you slam-them (if you must). The scariest-thing is the list isn't remotely complete! A psychaitrist would feel overwhelmed by these whack-jobs, they run-the-gamut of most known neuroses (I think they invented a few of their own). Many of them had different-names initially, but were thrown-off other sites they were harrassing, including Huffingtonpost. DDH and Annie have my vote for most-offensive, stubborn and possibly brain-damaged.