Friday, October 06, 2006


WASHINGTON--One-problem: it was your party who unleashed the first one, but since when is convicting criminals (no-matter who they are) a "new McCarthyism"? They'll get their fair-trials, certainly fairer than for the poor and minorites, and 'illegals'. When you're a criminal who knows they are cornered and has no-options left,YOU--the GOP--go from delusions-of-adequacy, to a persecution-complex. You look funny. Well, yes, this is how criminals feel, bucky--welcome to reality.

You are about to go-to-jail for years, including your President and most of his incompentent-cabinet. Time for the perp-walks, and it's going to be next-year whether you keep your majority, or not. It's over, politicos. We got the badges on you, and the law-itself. We are a nation of laws, or we are not. The jig is up. Your talking-points are useless and transparent--possibly the only time we'll have transparency in-government while you are in-office. It won't wash anymore. Joe McCarthy drank himself-to-death (and that was damned white-of-him) by 1957, how will all of you end-up?

Former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert was dumbfounded yesterday at his farm-conference, since he couldn't remember anything memorable a Republican had said since Lincoln. So he quoted a Democratic President who was also a stupid-asshole, namely Harry Truman. Yes, Harding invented the term 'bloviate' and 'normalcy' in that other corrupt-decade of GOP-rule, the 1920s. Nuff-said on that. Gerald Ford: still dying. Even William F. Buckley hates you. Kissinger--he's been advising George W. Bush on diplomacy, so that must be why the world is so fucked right-now.

GOP-incumbents: You're caught, and you tried to cover-it-up. Dennis Hastert, your farm is beckoning. People are testifying-otherwise to your assertions, and many of them will be able to prove it in Federal-court. Wha? Yes, Federal internet child-protection laws that the GOP's Mark Foley helped-author have been violated. Also, conspiracy is a Federal-crime which can earn a sentence of as much as twenty-years. But the FBI is on-to-you incumbents. They're coming with the battering-rams to knock you doors down. Even if you appeal your convictions, your political-careers are over, like Tom Delay's, and the rich will now have to find another generation of political-shills to replace your Spiro Agnew asses.

But we'll know what they are from-the-beginning. Traditional conservatives have no-reason to trust you anymore, either. Neither does the evangelical-right, you didn't deliver their theocracy. This is pushing the clock back to pre-Reaganism, just wait. America can be great again without you in-power, and we can be proud again. We can deliver on the promise of liberty that this country really embodies, because this is the last-stand of humanity. If America fails, the world does too. This doesn't meean America is extra-special, it just means this is IT. It could've been Germany that decided-things, France, Vietnam, Brazil, Spain, New Guinea, but it just fell-on-us in this era. We aren't better than anyone-else, and we have risen-to-the-occasion before. They say Joe McCarthy drank so-much before he died, he had to swallow a stick-of-butter so the whiskey wouldn't burn so-badly, poor old Joe. Poor old Roy Cohn, you died of AIDs. Poor GOP, you never change, which means you might end-up like The Whig Party (the one you replaced).

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