Friday, October 13, 2006

David Cross on Jon Stewart's 'The Daily Show'

COMEDY CENTRAL--Was he stoned, or what? Comatose, man, he was dusted. But his cartoon, Freakshow, looks hilarious and insane. I gotta catch it! Yep, he was stoned. Indica, Thai, Canadian, Colombian, but he was completely-blasted on the weed. How can I tell? He's gained-weight, he's had the munchies alot lately. Even Jon Stewart had to blurt-out the word 'stoned' during the long-pauses in the interview, but it was funny. Funny is always good, and it was good to see two pals sharing the knowledge that David was stoned. It was only natural for Stewart to fuck with him. It's de rigeur. It's great to see David Cross getting-his-due and being allowed to create such a bizarre-take on Saturday morning cartoons! We can assume the DVD-set will be uncut. He ain't Lenny Bruce, but he'll do, he deserves a better life than Lenny got.

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