Monday, October 02, 2006

GOP On-the-Run: A Call For Information on Chocola

MICHIANA--If any readers from the Michiana-region have information regarding violations of State & Federal law by Congressman Chris Chocola, please feel-free to contract this site. In-keeping with journalistic-standards, your identity will remain confidential. It appears obvious that we must presume-guilt with incumbents these-days, regardless of their party-affiliations. However, it appears the GOP is the major-offender. You can also feel-safe in sending any information, as Google will not hand-over your identity to the Federal government without a warrant. Chocola is remaining-silent on Mark Foley, even though he was a peer in the Ways and Means committee. Did Chocola know? Is he guilty of similar-offenses himself? Is there a culture of pedophilia in the GOP, due to their authoritarian-stance as a party? Do they feel above-the-law? Do we have to ask? Don't let your kids have-contact with the GOP.

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