Thursday, October 19, 2006


SARASOTA, FLORIDA--The name please: Rev. Anthony Mercieca, a 72-year-old Brazilian (or 69, depending on which wire service you read), now living in a posh Italian-home on an island in the Mediterranean (like a Pagan philosopher). It seems he must not bea Franciscan. Great time to be a Catholic, eh? I was baptised a Catholic, but I'm lapsed--apparently, the only route to heaven is to be fondled by a priest, go-figure. The Church has nada, nothing. You die and that's it. Maybe your lifeforce enters nature to be recycled, and maybe reincarnation is real. Why not? We keep making the same stupid-mistakes over-and-over as a species, so reincarnation may-as-well be real. The biggest-mistake is trusting authority of any-kind, especially religious. They have true no-authority vested in them, and no more answers to the big 'whys' then that old-lady you saw waiting for a bus yesterday on the corner. If there is a divine-spark within us, nobody has a monopoly on it. Priests: get a real-job, be one of us, be normal and human. Leave the Church, it's poison as an institution. People are the only thing that matters, so leave and be one of us.

I was raised by Grandparents and a mother who had open-minds. My Grandparents were from Arkansas and Kansas, a hotbed of oldtime, prarie-Populism. Somehow, the best-parts of that tradition rubbed-off on them, because they always told us, 'Never trust the Preacherman, they're all crooks who should get a real-job. They just want your money. Trust-yourself.' There is no-better message I can think-of than that, and we have been a family of non-conformists, and will continue to be however this nation goes. If you are not being yourself, you may-as-well be dead. There are a lot of walking-dead in America, and they've chosen to be stiffs. And where do women fit into all of this? Exactly, nowhere, most of them are being victimized or trying to protect their children from these predators, and they have such a minor-role in the Church that it's just dowdy and anachronistic in the 21st Century. But there is a disturbing sub-trend of female-teachers molesting students, and the causes should be investigated. We'll likely find-out what is beginning to dawn on us--that molestation is deeply-rooted in American culture (we won't mention the Dutch this-time). All the Churches' assets in the West should be taken by the State and spent on the poor, period. Protestant, Catholic, Muslim, Jew, Hindus, Unitarians, and the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. No tax-breaks, no Church-owned businesses, nada.

The most pathetic-aspect of the Foley scandal is that Mercieca seems to have no-comprehension of what he did, and even ascribes one of the episodes to 'tranquilizers', and that he 'can't remember.' The best-one: 'I was having a nervous-breakdown.' What was it about? Somehow, I think he's being cadgey. Maybe, but why do we keep-hearing 'the Devil-made-me-do-it' defense, finished by, 'But I don't use it as an excuse.' Right, then why mention it? Because you're a liar who has never told the truth about who and what you really are. Even when you've been caught red-handed, you lie, which reveals that you are truly an animal who should be caged in some way. Hopefully, some Italian Policeman, or a band of young Sicilian-toughs finds this ex-priest and tap-dances on his head. He's genuinely earned-it with his comments of 'we didn't have a sexual-relationship, but we did swin-nude together alot.' It's a half-assed confession that is barely an admission of anything: 'I merely thought about doing it.' There shouldn't be any statue of limitations on pedophilia, and there should be victim-restitution, particularly in cases where the victims were abused the powerful.

His denial that much happened is typical of a pedophile, but we can assume a lot did happen, since the episodes caused Foley to become a pedohile himself. They would have to be intense (penetration) and protracted, probably going-on for years. What is it that attracts such men to the Church--or does the institution make them that way? Is it a combination of both? I cannot imagine why: forced-celibacy that even the apostle Paul would have found bizarre, segregation of the sexes, and no-marriages to keep property (land) in the Church. Go ask Mercieca on the Island of Gozo, pay him a visit, but be nice (or not). Just watch-out for the Knights of Malta, that Alexander Haig is good with a bastard-sword.

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