Friday, October 20, 2006

NEW GOP TAGLINE (Plus: No-love for Academe)

'We at the GOP aren't just doing it for the children, we're doing it to them.'

The Fuhrer alone is the present and future German reality and its law. Learn to know ever more deeply: from now on every single thing demands decision, and every action responsibility. --Martin Heidegger

I know, too-mean...tough-shit. To the rest of the Left: you are doddering, worthless-puds who think 'fair-play' applies to the most ruthless cutthroats we've ever seen in American-politics. You are dead-wrong, and impotent. 'Fair-play' would have left Hitler in-power, the game has changed again.Most of you think you're not authoritarian, but--surprise--you're wrong again. Most of you are too-timid to risk losing your petty-privileges, fuck-you assholes. 'My mortgage is more-important than the future of our children and grandchildren.' Be honest and just say it.

But you're wrong, you should be homeless for even thinking this way, and I'd be the first to kick-your-ass into the streets. Like the people in the streets of the Middle East, I'm hardly-alone in wanting you in-prison or dead. You are cowards, so why not waste- yourselves, or change? Ever wonder why Bush still has 30% support? It's the functionaries, like the pond-scum commisars in the Soviet Union. This 20% is the backbone that needs to be gutted and replaced with human-beings. We really should just fire all of you, and take-away your citizenship rights-to-protection (along with CEOs and the political-aristocracy), then ostracize most of you. The discomfort you all fear is coming sooner, rather than later.

And we'll remove you legally, too. You've left a detailed paper-trail, so there won't be anywhere to run.This isn't directed-at working-stiffs, it's aimed at the 20% who service the establishment--professionals, middle-management, bureaucrats, small-businessmen (petit-bourgeois), technocrats and academics. If our lives are worthless, so are yours, as this will be borne-out as conditions worsen for American families. You'll be wiped-out in the social-disaster you could have prevented, just like the aristocracy basically was in Europe. The lynchpin for justifying any modern system is with the intelligensia. Before this, it was the Church and her clerics (now 'clerks'!).
YES, academics. Noam Chomsky or Ward Churchill are statistical-anomalies in American universities, as most professors are shills and apologists for American imperialism. Education does NOT equal a better-individual. Being consistently-logical, credible and decent is what matters. But this wouldn't mean benefiting from our system of rewards, would it? Over half of the the SS-Einsatzgruppen Kommandants (roving death-squads) in the Nazi-invasion of the Soviet Union held a Doctorate. The vast-majority of concentration camp Kommandants had Doctorates, because they were the keepers-of-the-keys to the justifications of power. So are you.

Really, change or kill-yourselves, you know you're shit. The majority of German academics brazenly-supported Hitler and NSDAP, and you're doing the same-thing. Ernst Roehm's SA (Brown Shirts) were almost entirely homosexuals, and who stopped the SS from prostituting young German girls into the the 'lebensborn' birthing-brothels? It's all about power, nothing-else. Americans will accept this, just as they accept almost anything, especially the higher-up they reach. Academic-opportunists: You are pathetic, only caring-about your precious careers, and you are animals. You underscore the specific-failures of the Enlightenment and classical-liberalism. You could rationalize anything. Small-wonder the public hates you and what you really are, which is primarily a gaggle of deluded-elitists. The irony: most of you expect us working-stiffs to go out and save America, when you're tenured in your dumbass jobs--you would keep that job, while we would lose ours. Yes, you can afford to miss-a-day, while we would be fired. We need academics, just not ones who worship power like you do. (A)pathetic.

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