Sunday, January 28, 2007


She's no different than George W. Bush and his administration in her views on our role in the world. She voted for the war in Iraq, and has yet to say "I made a mistake", with this vote. This weekend in Iowa, she had the temerity to say, "If I knew then what I know now, I would not have voted for the war." Well, you had good reason to tell the president "no" back then, and it's time you paid for that decision by not running for the office you "misjudged" (a lie). Great, you'd do it differently, but that's not how history works, and it was obvious to all but the most ignorant that there was no case for war in late-2002. You knew better, Senator Clinton, and you're going to pay-the-price.

It was obvious Bush was lying about the intelligence behind the claims of WMDs in Iraq, and it was obvious they were pushing anyone who got-in-the-way aside, and brutally.Clinton believes in the overarching-goals of PNAC and the neocons in the White House. This is why she wants troops shifted to Afghanistan--she wants those permanent military bases pointing-into Central Asia, with a cozy-proximity to strategic pipelines and oil fields. And besides that, how good can a candidate be when the media is pushing them so much? It becomes obvious we are having a candidate foisted on us, not someone who has emerged from we the people, but a mandated candidate. This has nothing to do with democracy whatsoever.The mainstream media adores Hillary Clinton as a candidate--reason enough to reject her.

Today, we have CNN begging-the-question of "whether the President is getting unfair media coverage." Get real, he's been given a blank-check by the press since 2000, and now they're finally beginning to do their jobs thanks to the internet and plummeting-circulation (people tire at paying to be lied-to). Hillary Clinton offers no substantial alternative to the administration of George W. Bush, or even her husband's laughable "neoliberalism" (the flipside of neoconservatism, neither adhering to any belief but serving certain narrow interests). Hillary is a joke on YOU. I don't really care if feminists think having ANY woman in the Oval Office is "good", they're wrong (and sexist).

This old gray mare is the wrong horse to bet on, and all she'll end up doing is a vanity campaign that throws-off the vote of truly worthy candidates. She is not one of them. All she has to offer is the cold, dead hand of an inhuman political culture that worships power and the dumbshow. It appears she is not alone, but at least we're seeing one of those wonderful historical-moments that illuminate who these lapdogs are, and what constitutes their "technique." We can thank George W. Bush for this, in his blessed incompetence. He's given much of the game away in a time when American power is declining globally, even accelerating it. I'm enjoying this part of the ride, but the best is yet-to-come as he takes as many of this political generation down with him.