Thursday, January 04, 2007


"In the weeks since her nomination was announced on Oct. 3, observers learned that Miers is loyal to the president, that her heart is good [Ed.-incompatible with loyalty to the President.] and that her knowledge of constitutional law may not be exemplary." --Washington Post editorial, 10.28.2005

WASHINGTON D.C.--Since nearly everything the Bush adminstration says is a lie, we can assume she was kicked to the curb once she wasn't useful. Because she cannot really be used in any defense team due to her intimate-involvement with the administration (she knows too-much), and because she is admittedly fatigued, she's being replaced with fresh-troops. Recent stories state that the Bush administration is hiring and replacing many members of the administration's staff with attorneys. That's what's known as "bracing-yourself for the worst." This is a sign that there will be no remaining-agenda to push for George W. Bush and Dick Cheney, only a defensive-position based on the knowledge that oncoming-investigations will find where some of the bodies are buried (too-bad they didn't bother with this regarding Saddam, now we'll probably never know). She's probably going to be happier--she no-longer has to wear brown-lipstick. It wasn't the eyeliner or the blue power-suits, it was because she was never qualified, a hallmark of the Bush administration. What a waste of a life, what a coward. What a joke.

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Like the Gradual-Decline Present in the Mugshots of a Crack Whore: