Wednesday, January 03, 2007


"One important message we all should take from the elections is that people want to end the secretive process by which Washington insiders are able to get billions of dollars directed to projects — many of them pork-barrel projects that have never been reviewed or voted on by the Congress." --Our ostensible President saying nothing, and worrying about tomorrow.

wArsHINtuHN--In a bold-move, President Bush said nothing. The press were agog--"The President just said nothing in more-words than we have ever heard!", stated the journos. Bush warned Congress today that he will veto any social legislation that comes to his desk. He's forgetting something: he's not in-charge anymore, and his precious-majority in Congress is no more. OK, it's obvious to a ten-year-old that he's the one who has recreated the biggest federal deficit in the history of the United States--and a Republican at that--yet he still refuses to acknowledge that $9 Billion are still-missing from funds sent to Iraq early-on in the conflict. Ah, never mind all that, he gets to have dinner with the folks who are going to take-him-down tonight.

Where's the money (starting with the $9 Billion)? Pork? Plenty-more than before the beginning of the 1994 GOP-majorities in Congress, that's certain. No-bid contracts for Halliburton, and-on-and-on-and-on. This is part of the reason the public voted many GOP incumbents out. Yes, it was the war, but it was also just the day-after-day scandals that revealed: voila! Pork-spending and embezzlement, illegal lobbying and "gifts", you-name-it. So what is he trying to do with today's silly-ass statements? Simple. Ignore his own responsibility for such actions as overspending and corruption run-rampant in government, while preemptively (he likes to attack first, remember?) blaming Democrats for things he's going to try to stop.

Nothing much, just things the American public needs to survive. He's got nothing, and he knows starting-tomorrow, he's basically screwed, and he knows all he has is obstruction--back-to-basics for the GOP. The irony--if there is any--is that he lies about "cutting the deficit in-half before the end of his term", which is based on 2004 projections of what the deficit would be. It's $100 Billion higher, and there is no foreseeable-end to the wars in Iraq or Afghanistan. And now, he wants a war with Iran! How can you balance any budget with this kind of fiscal-insanity? He still wants to keep the tax-cuts for the wealthiest during a time of war, while most Americans don't want it (depends on how a survey asks a question). Funny how he said nothing about Iraq in his comments today...or about the hundreds-of-billions he's borrowed from China for continuation of the war.

It's official, he's lost-touch with reality, he's Hitler in the Bunker. There won't be any "earmarking", there will be solid bills that are going to pass, and some of the first ones will be for Katrina victims who have been waiting over-a-year to receive aid of any-kind. Watch the hot-potato (Bush) get hotter. Watch him dropped for any support by his party. Watch him isolated. Watch him being investigated. Watch him react explosively, then in helplessness. Watch his administration crash-and-burn, it's coming. He's just insuring impeachment or a resignation. How many bills has George W. Bush vetoed in six-years? ZERO, and most of them were heavy-laden with earmarks that are simply-put, pork. Remember the Alaskan highway that goes to nowhere? I do.

Earmark This, Clown Prince: