Sunday, January 14, 2007

"I will not withdraw even if Laura and Barney are the only ones supporting me." --George Bush, to Bob Woodward, 2005.

Welcome to that moment, Mr. Vice President...welcome to history's judgement, the votes are in. You lost. You're a moron, a dope, a schmuck, an idiot, a retard, a once dry-drunk, a dumbass, a twit, a moral-imbecile, the patron saint for all losers who worship power. Now, your party is coming-apart because they know you don't care how your policies affect GOP-incumbents in the 2008 elections. They know this was all-about you and your narrow-band of backers, the superrich who aren't their backers. Because of you, the GOP is going to lose more of those coveted senatorial seats--21 are open-up for the elections in 2008, and they will be vulnerable because of you. Joe Lieberman won't matter after that at all, he won't get his kingdom in Hell that he was promised, and neither will you.

Nobody else, just you and your failed-war by a failed-administration. This-week, you pulled the "I know you are, but what am I?" defense saying that the Democrats "have no plan for Iraq." That's funny, you never did either, certainly not for the postwar reconstruction and occupation--no plan whatsoever. Have a drink--no, we insist, because it was all you were ever good at. Funny, this seems to be true of most Republicans who make it to Washington D.C. . But, the guys who drove the trains to Auschwitz had to be drunk to do their jobs too. That seems to fit you well. We know you're drinking again, it shows. You look reddened, with that pathetic-look of the hunted. Next-month, your party will march to the White House to confront-you just as they did Richard Nixon--a man who now looks pretty-good alongside you. Now, there is an achievement.

PS: Barney and your wife are against-you too.
They're planning your demise. The dog's going to bum-rush you, while the First Lady puts some thallium in your whiskey-laced coffee. The Secret Service has orders to 86 the dog if he acts funny (not "ha-ha"). Besides the twisted rich, the rest of the Bush supporters are dodderers in nursing homes, and whack-jobs in what's left of our mental health care system. Oh yeah, and rednecks (thanks Randy Newman).