Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Dear Joe,

As a constituent, I'm going to be watching you closely. I know that your views on the war in Iraq aren't those of the majority of the public. You still seem to believe that we can "win" in Iraq. First, I want you and other so-called "moderates" in the House to explain what this means exactly, and in categorical terms. You also made statements about illegal-immigrants that I found offensive. As an American citizen, and a resident of the 2nd District in St. Joseph county, I was deeply-offended. These folks aren't going to be leaving anytime soon, and the comments you made simply allow employers to continue to illegally employ them, and to underpay them. As an employer, you might not understand where we're coming-from, so you had better listen. We can educate each other. We don't want more promises, we want results now. Change means change, and we insist. Politicians like Rahm Emanuel aren't the future, but the approach of Howard Dean is.

To allow this situation to continue just hurts Mexican-immigrants and the American worker. They can be easily-exploited, and underpaid, which undercuts our wages. I propose strict-enforcement of existing-laws against employers, with stricter-ones coming in future bills. Currently, it is the illegal-immigrant who receives the primary-punishments and sanctions. This has to end. They are here, and they aren't leaving, so what do you propose? Have a nice day. Now, get to work for us all--including the Hispanic people of our district who would vote for you if you would just have their back.

They are the future of American politics and our economy, and to court their votes is an historic-opportunity that you would be remiss not to act on. There are plenty of "illegales" working in Michiana, we know this. It's the employers who must be heavily-fined, yet I think the workers should stay--at a much-higher wage. Once they are naturalized, they pay-taxes, and if they earn more, more goes into the local-economy. This gets-taxed too, with our sales-taxes. This is common sense, and if you favor business too-much against the popular will (and the common good), we're going to vote you out. You will have been fired, because we are your boss, and we outnumber you, the party leadership, and the business community here in the 2nd District of Indiana. We are the majority, not you.

yours-in-Christ, Matt Janovic

01.17.2007 Postscript: Who am I? Someone who voted for you, that's all. After your statements on Hispanic people, it wasn't as-easy to do this. But, your last-name wasn't "Chocola", and you didn't look like the obvious crook he was while in-office. I shook-your-hand at Howard Park at the May 5th (you know, the Mexican holiday). Make us proud. Fight for us. Do what is right. A local-concern: what are your views on factory farming? Most residents don't like it. It pollutes and poisons our food and water-supply.