Monday, January 01, 2007

Philip K. Dick android still missing

North America
--It's out there somewhere, but it appears someone, somewhere, still has the head of the Philip K. Dick android. Hanson robotics still has the body, which is weird. The whole scenario is weird, like a PKD story. It's probably in China, right now, and a whole factory is manufacturing PKD androids by-the-thousands.

That would be kinda cool. The androids
could help lead a revolution there, then liberate the citizens of the United States of America from the corporations and the politicians.
Somehow, I think artificial intelligence will evolve to this point, where it starts telling us to be more human to each other.

The droid has been missing since February of 2006 and vanished in-flight within the continental United States,
oy veh. Hanson robotics and a consortium of A.I. contractors put over 2 million words of text from Dick's private writings into the android's head (including parts of the "Exegesis" that the public has never had access to).

Since much of the data is still unpublished, the missing-head has been a cause for concern to the Philip K. Dick Estate. No updates, though Hanson has vowed to build another
head. I would wager they are nearing completion of it now
. I've been told that the voice-synthesis is eerily close to that of Dick's, and even with its flaws comes off like a resurrection of the man. The closest story of PKD's to this event is "The Simulacrum," one of my favorites.