Tuesday, January 16, 2007


' "Mario didn't want anything, he gave me the email printouts ... I said to myself, he could have sent these emails by computer. But instead he wanted to come and give them to me in person: why, and why in such a hurry? He was very nervous." ' --Alexander Litvinenko, November 2006 (The Independent, 12.03.2006)

MOSCOW/LONDON--Not much, the investigations are continuing, "Il Professore" Mario Scaramella is still in-trouble and in the custody of Italian-authorities, and his connections to the Italian-right (Berlusconi, ) and the Mitrokhin commission are hurting him and them. Russian Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika wants to interview Litvinenko's last-employer, fugitive oil-tycoon Boris Berezovsky: '"We don't rule out that the murder may have been committed by Russian citizens who live abroad,'' Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika was quoted as saying by the RIA-Novosti news agency.' It seems likely that Scaramella is a free-agent who works for the highest-bidder in the intelligence underworld.

Scaramella is likely a mercenary-type in this regard, a double-agent of-sorts. This could indicate that he has worked with the KGB, FSB, the CIA and MI5. This is a great way to be caught-in-the-middle. Two other Yukos founders have died in the last two-weeks of "natural-causes." Russian investigators are claiming that they aren't getting much help in their investigations from Scotland Yard and the London Police. UK authorities are claiming the same. Welcome to the adult-playground.

Scaramella is popularly known in Italy as an "security expert" on the Mitrokhin commission, created by ex-Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi (also a media-tycoon and billionaire) to ostensibly investigate KGB-activities in Italy during the Cold War. What it "turned-up" were fabrications that now-Prime Minister Romano Prodi, journalists Carlo Bonini and Giuseppe D'Avanzo (who uncovered the forged-documents that were crucial in the run up to the war in Iraq in "Nigergate"), and other Leftist-candidates had worked for the Russians during-and-after the Cold War. This information was found on the hard-drive of a computer in Scaramella's office by the Naples Police. Search this site for more-information on Scaramella's multi-faceted career, he's the height of "type-A" personalities--only most of his credentials appear fabricated. To the very-end, Litvinenko suspected Scaramella had a role in his death, even while he was directing his comments towards Moscow and Putin.

Prodi won the elections anyway, and the Italian press and public aren't buying the commission's conclusions. It's a common smear-tactic that stinks of the Bush administration. It is not improbable that the Bush administration has a hand in much of this, and that there is a direct-connection to the war in Iraq. It appears the Cold War never ended for some, but Western intelligence has used the Russian exile community for similar aims and goals before. Again, this is how Sidney Reilly began. Exiles are a great wedge when one is bent on influencing the internal-politics of a target nation.

Considering the Bush administration's desire to isolate Iran geopolitically, Russia is the obvious target. As a member of the UN Security Council, Russia has voted-against any military action. Disabling Russia's credibility would go a long-way in attaining this actionable-goal for the neocons. This is a likely-motivation at the core of this whole affair. Scaramella is currently being-held without bail by Neopolitan authorities for "arms-trafficking." The place? Chechnya. State Department and PNAC aims are penetration into Central Asia.

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