Monday, January 08, 2007


Not really, but it's a great thought, isn't it? I would protest, but what's that going to accomplish? If Congress can't (won't) stop the President from escalation, I doubt-highly he's going to be swayed. It might even make him dig-in deeper. Remember: this clown is worse than Nixon, he'll take us all over-the-cliff to prove he's right. I'm beginning to feel that this should really hit-a-wall, as it was destined-to. Then, the GOP will be basically-fucked. So too will the Democratic Party if they don't at least try to stop the troop-escalation. Still, the troops are gone, so why not cause some excitement that scares power? What can they do? There are no-more troops here, they're all gone somewhere else. Kent State? Detroit, 1967? This is 2007, a difference of forty-years is a big one.

I laughed when the press stated the Army was considering ending that Goodyear strike. With what troops exactly? No America, you fucked-up in 2002-2003, that was when it was time to prevent this from playing-out, it's how history works. The war was never inevitable until the push for it went unchallenged. The anti-war movement? Don't make me laugh, or I might just cry. We had morons in San Francisco injecting identity-politics into the effort to stop the war: "We're here, we're queer, and we don't want your war." Frankly, I don't give-a-shit if you're gay, but at least you proved openly you're a flake to be dislodged. I'm not with you, man. No, what you want is to feel special. The "more-liberal-than-thou" club. Meanwhile, thousands of Iraqis are being-murdered, but at least you feel better about yourselves. I'm here to ruin that false-sensation and false-consciousness.

We who are against the war don't want flakes creating the impression that we're with them. Quit, Go-away. Let serious, credible-people from all-walks-of-life join. People who have kids there. People who have had kids there. Just no academics who aren't willing to be arrested--you join this fight with privileges, it's on YOU to sacrifice MORE. If not, leave the movement, bye-bye. Being serious means--dear-dear--getting arrested on a misdemeanor, being-held for a day. Nope, petty-privilege is the priority. My mortgage is more-important than the lives of others. Let it hit that wall, then it will end. I'm more inspired by people like Rosa Luxembourg who contended that the people have to rise-up spontaneously--not "saved" by some elitist-punks, blowhards and academics. This is why nobody wants to participate, they're waiting for something real to start--maybe us "common-folk" will do this ourselves, like Cindy Sheehan has had to. Pathetic.