Friday, January 05, 2007


SOUTH BEND, INDIANA--Dear Representative Burton, are you insane or just inane? You voted-against banning meals, free corporate jet flights, and unethical gifting for members of Congress from lobbyists. Why? Are you just stupid? Perhaps it's that you're stupid and corrupt. You are a despicable-case of the shingles on the back of America. Well, you are from Indiana, so that's probably it. Stupid and corrupt it is. Look, the Miami Herald has this to say about you:

The House passed the first portion of that package overwhelmingly Thursday night, 430-1, with Rep. Dan Burton, R-Ind., the only opponent. It largely would ban meals, gifts and travel from lobbyists. It also would ban members from taking free rides on corporate jets. A second portion, which would require lawmakers to identify which spending projects they request and to curb deficit spending, is to be voted on today. (Miami Herald, 01.05.2007)

Ah, it must be that "second part" where you have to notify-them of attachments for spending projects, and you must also still support the war in Iraq, and therefore President Bush. You're an interesting kind of loser, like your constituents who stupidly reelected you. 430-1. What kind of a message did you want to send? Get out of my state, you aren't from here. Get out of my country, it isn't yours anymore.

You're an anachronism, go-away, the nation thinks you're a fool, and they're right. Are you some kind of closet-commie? Maybe that's it, another of those "business commies" who hide-behind the "rules of the marketplace," yet really just shill for corporations who would never exist without their precious subsides. You certainly aren't a genuine conservative, or the vote would have been 431-0. You lose, prepare to lose a lot more. Why do I think you're already under-investigation, and the vote was a last-stand as an act of defiance? Seriously, retire, you greedy, doddering old-man. You mere-Republican, you moron:

3. Eliminating Wasteful Government Spending. As the recipient of 12 Golden Bulldog Awards from the Watchdogs of the Treasury for voting to cut wasteful Federal spending and reduce taxes, I pledge to continue the fight against the excessive spending in Congress by scrutinizing every bill and seeking ways to eliminate excessive programs in order to get our Federal budget back on track and in balance. And I will fight to make the President’s tax cuts permanent so that you can keep more of your hard earned dollar [Ed.-the tax cuts he's referring-to are the ones for the wealthiest, and don't affect the working-class]. (

So, either you voted-against stricter-guidelines for earmarks attached to legislation/bills, or you want all those gifts from big businessmen--what's it going to be then, eh? Granted, I've always known that people in central Indiana were inbred-twits, but they must enjoy pissing-in-the-wind like you do to reelect you. I assume many of them had to be induced with racist-subtexts in your speeches, as well as a vial of crystal-meth. What trash you all are, you are beneath the majority of humanity, you vile scum. To my dying-breath, I will fight you and your ilk on progressive taxation, it's coming-back whether you and Democrats want it or not.

This must have been the reason for your vote, you dirty-crook: "Burton, who could not be reached by phone after the evening vote, took the single most expensive trip by the delegation last year. Burton and his wife traveled to Taiwan on a $15,520 trip paid for by the ROC-USA Business Council." (IndyStar, 01.05.2007)

So, it's business-connections to Taiwan. But, what does that have to do with "creating jobs in Indiana", Dan? Probably very-little. Oh yeah, and he had an affair with a woman and a child out-of-wedlock. He was chairman of the House Government Reform Committee when it was disclosed nationally, in 1998. The hot, steamy, adulterous-affair had occurred in 1983. The child is now 24, hope they voted-against pops. Somehow, I think they did. Indiana Dan? You aren't a hero, you're really Taiwan Dan. I hope the mainland government annexes the island province violently while you're visiting...on your own dime. Your over-medicated wife is a twit to stay with such a jerk. How dare you make me have to write these things, you idiot. Your ideology is dead, and here's to mortality. Viva la Muerte!

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