Tuesday, January 16, 2007


'MERICA--I've finally figured-out a component of the war in Iraq: funnymentalist-Christian frustration that El Jeezus hasn't shown-up on his magic carpet and made things pure (no niggers and free-thinkers). Yep, it sounds crazy--because it is. In the primeval, reptilian-part of George W. Bush's brain, he had a notion (fostered by others too) that he and the religious-wrong would make Jesus come (pun-intended): "He ain't gonna come, then we'll MAKE him come! Operation second coming, yee-haww! We'll fuck the world up so-badly, he'll HAVE to come!"

I know, I know, this is sacrilegious--so what? I have no-respect whatsoever for anyone of any religion who is part of that faith's orthodoxy. If they're funnymentalists, I prefer going-after them. The others are OK if they help the poor and just shut-up about what they believe. That goes for homosexuals too. I don't give-a-shit if you're gay, and you should be happy about it, because this is tolerance. But, if you get up-in-my-face, you're fair-game. Reasonable people feel this way, or they just try to avoid these kinds of idiots as much as they can. I am unabashedly anti-clerical. I think preachers and priests should either help the poor every-single-day, or go get a real fucking job, shithead. They're shady-assholes if they don't get one.

Organized religion has been the ideological-basis for countless-wars in the history of the West and the East, and all-points-between. This is because it has had too-much influence. Now, with reason and science and the failings of those beliefs in-the-face of recent human history, it is dying an ugly death. This doesn't mean I don't believe in a God, a monad-like force that created our temporal reality. Sometimes, I tend towards agnosticism (or even Gnosticism). I do generally believe, but what of it? How does it apply to human-events in any sense?

If God intervenes, we have no free-will. That's right, your prayers are worthless, God cannot help you. If you don't understand this, you don't even understand the basic-underpinnings of Judeo-Christian religion and morality. And this is why Operation Second Coming is so attractive. Some of you whack-jobs are infected with the disease of an inevitable apocalypse (which really means a spiritual revelation--literature that is allegorical), when all you represent is self-fulfilling prophecy. You are lack. You are nothing, and that's what you yearn to return-to. My advice: act-on this in your own direction.