Saturday, January 20, 2007


WASHINGTON D.C.--What the hell are you all waiting-for? It's over, the war is lost. It was lost in 2003, and it's lost now. Defund the goddamned war. We voted for you to do this, and we're getting impatient. 13 soldiers died today in a helicopter-crash. Thousands are dying merely because we are in Iraq--get us out NOW. Not later, not six-months from now, but IMMEDIATELY. Quit approving money for this boondoggle as you so recklessly have, this is over. You're busted, we know some of you still somehow support this worthless war that has only undermined our security. You did it for your war-profiteering backers. More of you are going to be washed out-of-office in the next elections for this...unless you stop this now, and change your direction and start listening to the public. The alternative is not going to be pretty. Imagine a groundswell that would make the 1960s look quaint, and not all of its going to be nonviolent either. Just a warning, and there won't be enough troops or private security to quell it.