Saturday, January 13, 2007


SOUTH BEND, INDIANA--This is a story that has become very strange. Someone is beating homeless men over-the-head with a lead-pipe, and dumping their bodies into a manhole and tunnel system under the city. We're at four in two-weeks, but details are sketchy. I have an indirect-connection--my mother works at Hospice, and a co-worker's brother was diagnosed as terminally-ill. After Christmas, he simply vanished. He was one of the men found. We thought he might have just disappeared to do drugs, maybe attempt suicide. We expected his body to be found--it was. The deceased have been found in-pairs, and he was in the first find. The manhole he was found in leads-to a network of utility tunnels that snake underneath the old Studebaker factory complex.

Two more bodies were found this-week. The manhole is at a viaduct behind the Police station and the area used for the city's street services--where they store the sand, salt, and most of the snow-ploughs. Whoever's doing this has a motive, and some have speculated that it is another homeless-person murdering over access to scrap-metal. I don't buy it, but the truth is going to be incredibly dark and ugly. Whatever the case, we have a serial-killer in South Bend at this historical moment. Whoever did this had it too-easy, and they must have known the tunnel system well. There is an off-chance that it's being done by off or on-duty Policemen, but there's no solid-evidence for this. The hole the first two were found in was not connected to the tunnel system. More later.

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