Wednesday, January 31, 2007


THE BLOGOSPHERE--Nobody in the press is covering government exhibit 532 (, but it points to direct-involvement in the Plame case by President George W. Bush. It's appearing he did in-fact order the smear-campaign and outing of Valerie Plame, a former CIA-operative, and wife of former diplomat Joe Wilson. Bush has denied any involvement or prior-knowledge of the attacks on the Wilsons. Now the "he did it" game of pointing comes, bringing-to-mind episodes of The Three Stooges (Curly-era, soitenly the best one). "I know you are, but what am I?", will likely be the President's and Vice President's defense strategy, but someone ordered this pizza. It appears from this document that it was President Bush.

This letter confirms a number of Libby's assertions that he wasn't leading-the-charge on them. It also appears that the President was willing to sacrifice Libby to save Karl Rove. A bad-move on Cheney's part that he wrote all it in his longhand. Be prepared for desperate actions by the Bush administration--criminals are profoundly dangerous when they're cornered. The push into Iran has a tinge of rebellion to it. It's safe to say that George W. Bush has murdered the myth of the rugged individual and "winning" in the American lexicon. Rove, the man of many-chins (yet no-chins), is in-trouble. Bigger trouble than a kid caught with his hand in a cookie-jar. Somehow, I think we'll get those same, lame-excuses.

I found this document at a blog which claims to be by Patrick Fitzgerald, but does it matter if it really is? An interesting aspect of the memo is the tone. It's not very cocksure, and sounds pretty desperate. Mark my words: the last-time anyone created this much confusion in government was the rise of NSDAP in 1933 Germany. They might just outdo them yet. The parallel is that it's fine that you're able to seize-power, but disastrous when you are incapable of rule on any plane. This is what makes them revolutionaries, not just their radical ideology that will not outlive them. Why? Because the assholes cannot spell "ridiculous." That's it, no other reason.

Merry Fitzmas (BOO-YAH!):