Saturday, January 06, 2007


LOS ANGELES--"So what", I know, but she has something coming. I used to buy Skin Two and a few other S&M fashion magazines around 6 years-ago, and she was in a spread. I think it was Marquis. What's the point? This: in the layout-text, the editors wrote, "Sorry boys, she's gay", or something to that extent. OK, fine, you're gay...oh-wait, you're not gay. No, you're stupid, and happen to look good. Well, actually, she looks astounding. It's hilarious, she couldn't even get MM on the phone to call-it-quits! And they said it wouldn't last--well, duh. The only reason I bring this up is Sweet's weird contention in the late-90s, early-2000s that she was gay. Of course, I'm tolerant and could really care-less, but why say it then?

In-fairness to both of them, it was purely-sexual on his part, and she was starstruck and probably saw an opportunity to get into the spotlight more. But the 180-degree on the sexuality--suspicious. It sounds like maybe an Anne Heche was going-on. Heather's stage name is stupid, and so is Brian's, but word has it that he's a pretty smart and amiable guy. Maybe Heather's nice, but she's definitely stupid. Heather turns 35 this year, so youth isn't an excuse, but she is from Michigan. Oh, I could tell you stories about Michigan women that would curdle your blood (so could Iggy Pop).

Sex: Not worth the work with imbeciles inhabiting the bodies we all want. It's the whole "Cartesian-split" again, I know, we think both mind-and-body are separate--they aren't. Bimbos are terminal, the mind-and-body are one, yet vacuous beautiful women want "to be loved for who I am." If who you are is a superficial, selfish twit with little intellect and soul, what else do you have but looks? The problems surrounding sex in America are ones of religion and repression, where sex takes-on meanings and an importance that aren't really there. If sex was viewed as more-casual, the trifle that it is, most of the problems would evaporate.

It was always about sex and fame. Do I like MM's music? A couple-songs, mostly just so-so, but he means well. The kids needed another Alice Cooper, I know, yo have to have these things. Yeah, I'm underwhelmed too, but women do stupid shit like men. It's peculiar that the women who want to be seen as equals--as a person, and not objectified--don't usually amount to much as a person anyway. You cannot have it both-ways when there is no "you", but try telling that to most American women. Glamour is a doubled-edged sword for both sexes. Sex? It gets boring, but a real 'pardner is best, someone to get-old with. Clearly, they weren't that person for each other, which is sad. Very few people ever are that person--the rest are simply fooling-themselves. This is where the trouble begins, and sex is almost completely commodified (the true obscenity) in the United States. Pathetic.

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