Friday, January 05, 2007


WASHINGTON D.C.--The Democrats are probably going to fail-us on this one, I can feel it. If they don't pass this test, they can forget the White House and Congress in 2008, and America can get used to constant domestic-strife and insurrection. It will be the fault of the Democrats, primarily, for not renewing their commitment to the social contract under progressive taxation of the wealthiest in our society. It's interesting to note that the debate over their new "pay as you go" legislation will bring this issue into hard-focus, but AP does a back flip to avoid the real issues at-hand: "If strictly enforced, the PAYGO rule to be debated Friday would make it difficult for Democrats to pass increases in federal benefit programs such as Medicare. It would also threaten efforts to extend President Bush's tax cuts, most of which expire at the end of 2010."

Yes, increases in "federal benefit programs" are related to Bush's tax cuts for the richest--it makes it possible to raise these benefits and balance-the-budget if you eliminate these tax cuts that don't help the average American in any-sense. Considering that the cuts amount to $1 Trillion, I think you could do almost anything with that money, but what I am suggesting is making progressive taxation permanent. But neither the GOP or the Democrats want you to understand this, nor the ownership of the mainstream media (the wealthiest Americans). Ah, but there's the "prevailing wisdom", which usually means the exact-opposite. We'll see...


Pelosi and Congressional "Blue Dogs":